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Finally. Something is starting to happen. Even our good friend Eklund was suprised by the Peter Forsberg signing with the Avalanche. Peter did say early on that he would be coming back to one of his former teams if he did come back, and he was true to his word.

So who will be next? Brian Campbell? Marian Hossa? Olli Jokinen? While that is yet to be seen, one thing that is for sure is that there will not be alot of sleeping tonight. GMs across North America will be on their Blackberry's into the wee hours of the night, not wanting to risk 20 minutes for a cat nap only to miss out on that one player that could change their season for the better.

So which GMs have the most to lose if they stand pat? Let's take a look:

Don Waddell, Atlanta - With his team firmly planted on the playoff bubble, Waddell is in a tough spot. Will trading Marian Hossa mean they won't win the Stanley Cup? Of course not, but trading Hossa without getting a significant return could mean an exit from Georgia. The Thrashers are firmly planted in a market hungry for sports success, looking for something to make them forget Michael Vick. Look for Hossa to go out of town, but expect a star in return.

Cliff Fletcher, Toronto - Fletcher does have the interim tag on his title, but I could not resist the opportunity to pick on the Leafs. When you have most of your tradeable assets locked into No Trade Clauses, you made your own bed. The Leafs will need to cut bait on some players next year, since they can't get any return this year.

Doug Wilson, San Jose - The Sharks are dangerously close to becoming the newest rendition of the St. Louis Blues. It took 18 years, but the Sharks are now considered favorites to come out of the West every season. They have talent on paper, but their talent lacks heart. Jody Shelley was a great start, but Doug will need to make a splash with a character player or superstar defenseman if he wants to keep his place in sunny California.

Tick Tock, tick tock.... 20 more hours left for these GMs to make all the right moves.

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