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Hello everyone ,

I am once more sitting here counting down the days until the puck drops .Like most hockey fans i am absurdly bored and need my fix of any of the following , a juicy rumor , a old playoff game ( preferrably from the 93' series ) , a trade or a leaf game? .... No not that desperate , lol jk . But anyway point and purpose of blog . I am bored and happpen to have in my possesion a roulette sorta spin board left over from an econmic class that hass all thirty teams on it (had to do with money and ect ect ) . So for m own amusement and perhpas yours and to also pass the time I will spin the board daily and pick a team and do a run down on it as it appears to my rather inexpeirenced eye . Obviously hoping for some comments, corrections , nasty name calling ( maybe not ) but anything to talk hockey about with . Also gives me a chance to hear from the fans of the team who ar far more knowlegable of the team in question , so i get to learn a bit more about it.

Well onto the spin
.......and Dallas Stars it is .

Dallas - The Well Balanced Team

Well as the title given next to Dallas implies , I think Dallas overall is a rather well balanced team and will go through their line ups and projection for the season.

Forwards(projected line)
Morrow-Riberiro(who i hate but can't help but respect) Richards
Avery- Modano - Lehtinen
Ott(mr.expendable)-Peterson - Wilson/Barch

Dallas posseses a legitamte first line Richards and (sigh) Riberio . Followed by a fairly potent 2nd line that can both score goals and antagonize the other team (I'm looking at you Avery ) . The third and forth lines are all interchangable really , but it should be interesting to see if Brunnstrom lives up to his hype . While the 3rd and 4th add grit and energey . With the ability to add in a few goals here and their espeacilly if brunnstrom comes alive . In truth I don't see many flaws in the forwards Dallas has assembled and it should be interesting to watch Avery work his magic.

Onto Defence

Defence- (Projected Line up)
Zubov(I was thinking of putting him on the third pairing) , Robidas
Grossman , Niskanen
Daly , Jancesvki

"Defence Defence Defefence, what is a team with out it" lamented a broken coach(leaf coach) after a 50-0 loss. lol .Ok so he no one actually said that to my knowledge , but at least no stars coach is gonna be saying that anytime soon . the Stars blueline is a well oiled and working machine . they have their superstaris Zubov who plays excellents defencively and can really be ranked right after lidstrom and Neidamayer. He is able to also play an incredible pp point man and so can contribute offencively . But no man alone makes a team . Zubov is surronded by several other good D-men who round out the corps rather well . Apart from Zubov most of them play a defencive game first but are looked at as capable passers and can start a rush as well as anyother teams D. (honorable exclusion detroit) . Like the rest of the team the D man are a smooth combination of all types with several young up and comers on the way up. If by chance the D does fail( as all do at some time ....some teams more then others) they know they will be bailed out by the rock behind them , which leads me to the goalies .

Stephan- guy living in a mountains shadow

so not much to say on this aspect of the team , but like all other ones well balanced . Turco is a all-star calibre goalie who though approaching the age where most goalies slow down , still plays the game with amazing athletic ability and technique. The only draw back that could of been applied to turco before was that for some reason people said h couldn't perform in the playoffs. Well about 2 years ago he smashed those rumors by bringing his team to game seven of the first round(yea i know it doesn't sound like much, but it is) completely shutting out Vancouver in his three wins and stonewalling their offence(yeah i know vancouver can't really score so its not as big of a feat , but wow did he play amazing) . So to sum it up Turco=rock... no boulder ...ah hell mountain is more suitable. But what would a team be with out its back up . Their is a shadow to that mountain and somewhere deep down inside is the light. His name is Tobias Stephen . Won't pretend to know much about him but apparently he is incredible and the stars felt comfortable trading away smith because they knew they had Stephan floating around waiting for a chance . In other words this young lad is gonna be if he makes it the next starter for Dallas once Turco begins to slow and need to hang it up .

So now for my final quick projection for the standings...

Drum roll please Mrs. Angelina Joliene and Mariah Carrey (Yes i have them both in the nude in ym room waiting to beat a drum at my command)


I see Dallas finsihing 2nd in the conference and 1st in the division having enough of the pieces to jump Anaheim in terms of points easily enough and edging out San Jose for that division win , but not enough to kick Detroit off the mountain they are king of for now .

Well thats all folks , until next i suppose.

...... why yes Angela you can go back to telling me how handsome and clever Iam.
August 14, 2008 11:13 PM ET | Delete
Sorry should be Dallas possess's a legitamte first line boasting star power of Richards and (sigh) ribeiro*
August 15, 2008 11:10 AM ET | Delete
Nice job, keep it up. I like the idea.
August 20, 2008 7:07 PM ET | Delete
I also like the idea. Have one question though. What happened to Philip Boucher?
August 22, 2008 2:44 PM ET | Delete
o my bad , must of missed him . i guess slide out jancevski and put Niskanen in that spot and boucher and Niskanens' spot.
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