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Just some random questions i thought I would throw out there

What sort of action should be taken against Alexander Radulov and the Russian league?

Why do you see players heading east to the russian league when they have the chance to play in the bets league on the world?

Who do you think Mats Sundin will sign with and when ?

Where do you think the Nhl should expand next ?

When will we finally see all 6 Canadian teams in the playoffs again?

Who do you think wins the West?

Who do you think wins The East?

Who will be the next cup champion?

What was the best signing in the offseason?

What was the worst signing and why?

Who is the most improved team?

What teams have gotten worse?

Why did Carolina trade Cole for Pitkanen when other teams could of made better deals?

How many goals do you see AO lighting it up for?

How many points do you see Stamkos getting ?

Who will be the biggest flop player this year?

Who will be the biggest rags to richest story player this year?

Well thats pretty much it for questions , just though i would thow them out there to sprak some debate
August 19, 2008 6:14 PM ET | Delete
Way to easy cheap trick to try to get posts. But I'll still play along. Questions I don't like, don't have a clear answer or are too early to tell are deleted.Where do you think the Nhl should expand next ?They shouldn't. the talent pool can't be diluted anymore without cutting into the product quality. However, a move can be done and should be done back to hockey cities that already have a good fan base. The sport look better on TV and is easier to sell if the fans are into the game.When will we finally see all 6 Canadian teams in the playoffs again?When they are spread out into the different divisions instead of facing each other all the time.Who do you think wins the West?I won't bet against Detroit anymore. I like my wallet.Who do you think wins The East?Depending on injuries Pittsburgh or the Habs. Advantage Habs in that department right now.Who will be the next cup champion?The Habs have a tendency to make big moment even larger (1993, last Cup, was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the league. Besides, we have to win to avoid having a decade without a cup. What was the best signing in the offseason?Tough call. Hossa made Detroit even scarier so I'll go with that, especially at that price. Sundin could change everything obviously.What was the worst signing and why?Avery. Close to 4M a year? Are you f*ing kidding. Kovalev 4.25M, Naslund 4M. Avery salary should be way closer to someone like Laraque at 1.5M. And whatever everybody else says, he can be a distraction at time to other players on his team.What teams have gotten worse?Toronto made questionable moves and is front runner for now. But in the new reality of the NHL I can understand some GM decisions to let players go in order to devellop younger players.
August 19, 2008 8:37 PM ET | Delete
Thanx big brother . Yeah this was a cheap out blog , I have the more thought ones in my roulette blogs. This is more just to get some sort of chit chat going . You really think Naslund was a bad signing. I agree with the avery money but nazzy for 4mil is not to shabby.
August 19, 2008 11:28 PM ET | Delete
1. none, the nhl is just as much as an asshole when it comes to getting players from europe, its called karma bitch! 2. because money = happiness 3. he sucks, he should stop wasting team's time and he's a douche for what he did to toronto, he'll go to vancouver or montreal 4. expand? ur crazy! relocate more like it... winnipeg, hamilton, seattle, las vegas, kansas city instead of atlanta, nashville, florida, phoenix, new york islanders 5. never happening until they get separated into different divisions 6. detroit then dallas 7. montreal then flyers 8. i hope montreal, i hate detroit, if god exists then the flyers lol 9. avery to dallas 10. redden to rangers, why? do i really need to explain why? 11. i guess detroit only got better with hossa 12. atlanta, ottawa, and minnesota 13. because carolina always wanted pitkanen and i guess the oilers liked cole 14. 60 again 15. stamkos = overhyped = doesn't pass 35 pts 16. tampa, they added players but didn't get any better and ottawa 17. ummm a kid named giroux
August 20, 2008 10:40 AM ET | Delete
1>None..2>Because its tax free money...3>The Leafs by training camp... 4>They should contract... 5>When the leafs stop throwing crazy money at Jeff Finger...6>Detroit...7>Rangers...8>Detroit...9>Hossa...10>Finger, no need to explain...11>Tampa Bay...12>Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Columbus...13>Both teams were filling a need, though I think Edmonton got the better player. Pitkanen is a million dollar player with a 5 cent head and attitude...14>54 for AO...15>Stamkos for 59 points...16>Jeff Finger...17>Jeff Finger again, before the season even started this is already over....But seriously, Danny Briere, this seems like a weird choice I am sure, but he will get 90 points and be a plus player this year...
August 20, 2008 10:20 PM ET | Delete
Wait. Not saying Naslund is a bad signing at 4M. I was expecting to see him sign for more than that. Depending on the way thing goes, it could be a small, but not too bad mistake (Naslund at 4M is easier to trade/buy out than Gomez or Drury who both would eat Cap space). Or it could be a very good investment. I was using Naslund and Kovalev signing as examples to explain why I thought Avery was way to expensive at that price.
August 21, 2008 12:07 AM ET | Delete
You Montreal guys sure love jumpin' on those bandwagons... So the media hate on the Finger signing is pretty obvious, so since its the leafs everyone loves to jump on board and trash them. Reality is its not the worst signing this off-season. First off I think he could be a good defenseman, but is he worth $3 mill/season after only playing 94 NHL games? No. Still, his contract is less term and more than half the money than Wade Redden. Considering Ottawa found out 6.5 mill a season for Redden was a gross overpayment for the guy and was more than happy to let him walk, even after Redden said he'd take a discount to stay, NYR still went out and offered the same deal just with three times the term to a player on the decline. Thats got to be worst. That or the Micheal Ryder contract take the cake for me. The term is ridiculous considering his performance last year. Even if Ryder does get his scoring back, he's always had trouble playing defensively, at least Finger has played very well in his short time in the NHL.
August 21, 2008 7:11 PM ET | Delete
I don't know what bandwaggon you're talking about. I know nothing of Finger so I can't comment (although, no player with less than a 100 games should get that kind of money). You're right about Ryder. It is a very high sum but keep in mind that they offered enough to beat the other offers from other teams because Julien who coached him in Hamilton and in Montreal really love the guy. But I fell on my ass when I heard the terms too. I just think Avery at the same salary is even more ridiculous...
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