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I guess we're supposed to feel bad for Mike Ribeiro.

After all, according to him in a piece featured in the Montreal Gazette earlier this year, he "was treated unfairly in Montreal." Not only that, he feels that there must have been some sort of conspiracy afoot in the off-season when he was traded to the Dallas Stars as "[the Canadiens] just wanted to get rid of me, and they did it. They probably had their reasons."

Really, Mike? You think they had reasons?

Now, I suppose I could do my best impression of a washwoman and speculate as to what those reasons could have been, but in the same article, "Mickey Ribs" himself might have shed a little light...

"I was probably not interested in the gym and working out as much as they would have liked."

Oh. Mah. God! I am SO with you, Mike! I like totally hate it when my boss is paying me $1.9 million dollars a year and then expects me to, like, actually work out and stuff?!

And like, don't they actually appreciate everything you did when you faked an injury trying to draw a penalty for your team, thus embarassing your teammates, your coaching staff, the referees and bringing shame to the most legendary sweater in the game of hockey?

(If you don't remember the gem I'm referencing, it came against the Bruins a few years ago in the playoffs - thanks to YouTube, you can view it yourself)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNw8ZZT8tOU

Why bring up Ribeiro now? I mean the Habs are out of the playoffs, Mike has been with the Stars all season and is now in the playoffs himself. The guy should just be an unpleasant memory, right?


The latest stories, chock fill o' more great quotes from Ribeiro, explain that Mike Ribeiro can now proclaim himself bitterness-free.

"It's the first time in my life I was happy [the Habs] didn't make the playoffs."

Ah yes. If only Bob Gainey had made the right decision and kept a shrinking violet who didn't want the spotlight in a hockey-mad city, a person for whom gyms are to be avoided and strip clubs attended at all costs, and a guy who was viewed by many on the team and on the outside as a dreaded "dressing room cancer."

If only the Canadiens had Ribeiro and his amazing 59 points in 81 games, they'd be playing in Buffalo tonight, I'm sure of it!

A word of warning to you folks in Dallas who might want to compliment Ribeiro when he has a nice game.

From his own mouth:

"A lot of times you don't want to read the paper . . . but people came up to you and said you had a bad game or a good game. It's nice to get out of the rink knowing that nobody recognizes you and you can do your own thing.

Guess that doesn't mean going to gym, huh?

On a happier note, Mike Ribeiro has decided to take the high road for next year when it comes to the favorite team of his childhood, the Montreal Canadiens...

"I'm sure next year I will be happy for them if they make the playoffs."

Gosh, thanks, Mike! Thanks for everything!

(the trading of Mike Ribeiro completed a major phase of Bob Gainey's "Addition By Subtraction" team architecture exercise, which included the shipping out of Pierre Dagenais, Jose Theodore and Mike Ribeiro who collectively were a clique in the dressing room known as the 'three amigos.')

Gazette article - March 9, 2007

Canadian Press article - April 13, 2007
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