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"This building is vibrating!!!"
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Not sure that anyone has even seen "unbreakable", so that reference may be totally lost on you.

However, I was quite dissapointed that I was checking Hockeybuzz.com all day yesterday awaiting any Kessel news (to which there still isn't any), and not seeing anything pop up about the Ward trade. I actually learned about it watching the 6 o'clock evening news. At that point I jumped into Ek's latest thread and reported the news, only to be completely ridiculed by my fellow hockeybuzzers. One person in particular added "Hey, do you have any news about if the Titanic will make it across the Atlantic or not?"

So, 14 hours later, and i still haven't seen any blogs about this "blockbuster" trade, so here's my two cents:

It's not the major trade that any B's fan has been waiting for. With all this Kessel talk as of late, this trade really takes a back seat, but I still think it's worthy of a little discussion don't you think?

Ward seemed to be hurt quite often during the 08-09 season, i was actually shocked when i looked it up and found he actually played in 65 games this past season (my money was on about 50). I like American born defenseman and always liked Ward's grit. He didn't have a booming slapshot, but he seemed to get them past the goalie when it counted. His last two years combined he was +25, with his season totals last year being 3-7-10 with 44 PIM's

But I swear the man has a vitamin D deficiency. It seemed that as soon as he healed from one injury, he'd be down with another. It seemed that no one could as much as brush against him without him missing a game or two. Having said that, he will be missed, i will miss his grit, and surely miss his +16 rating last year.

I don't know much about Eaves, a 25 year old first rounder (29th overall) in 2003, a 5'11" right hand shot right winger. His totals from 08/09 are 6-8-14 with 31 PIMs in 74 games. (any canes fans out there that has the inside line on this guy please fill me in)

So it seems that the b's have lost a 36 year old #3 or #4 d-man to get a 25 year old mediocre forward and a 4th rounder in '10. On paper, I have my doubts, but I guess we'll have to wait to see what October brings. I think there's alot more grey area with the Bruins team right now than there was a year ago at this time.


so it all makes sense now that i've done more research. Trading Ward was a salary cap move, since we've already waived Eaves and signed Derek Morris. Now it's all starting to make sense. . . . ..

Ward for morris = good
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