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I stumbled upon a site that breaks down NHL statistics in some very interesting ways. I have decided to use some of these formulas to decide who this team needs to get rid of. For anyone that’s interested and a source for my breakdown.


Offensive Engagement (OE) measures the degree to which players are involved in the scoring activity going on around them. OE is calculated by dividing a player's scoring points by his pluses (the number of times a player is on the ice when a goal is scored by his team).

Even strength: (min. 10GP)
Top 5
Kaleta 1.00
Afinogenov .833
Pominville .733
Stafford .636
Vanek .632
Bottom 5
Gaustad .5
Tallinder .385
Lydman .263
Numminen .25
Rivet .167

Power play: (min. 45 minutes played)
Top 3
MacArthur .857
Sekera .667
Kotalik .636
Bottom 3
Spacek .5
Pominville .434
Rivet .4

Personal Goals Against Average (PGAA) is determined by counting the number of times a player is on the ice when a goal is allowed and normalize these counts into a standardized 60 minute unit. Formula: PGAA equals 60*GA / minutes on ice

Even strength: (min. 10GP)
Top 5
Peters 1.446
Mair 2.256
Kaleta 2.466
Gaustad 2.474
Lydman 2.584
Bottom 5
Roy 3.270
Vanek 3.403
Hecht 3.429
Afinogenov 3.855
Rivet 4.368

Short handed: (min. 25 minutes played)
Top 4
Vanek 0
Tallinder 3
Numminen 3
MacArthur 3.158
Bottom 4
Sekera 5.455
Pominville 7.059
Spacek 7.619
Hecht 8

Lets say the top 3 leaders in each category get a free pass since at least one part of their game is working well. These are:

Now the worst of the rest:
Ranking by position in categories added together. Best possible 4 Worst 63
Roy 37
Stafford 37
Paille 39
Spacek 39
Gaustad 39
Lydman 39
Rivet 51
Hecht 55

So if you want to trade or waive someone from this team start with the players on the list of the worst here. In a comparison with the peers on their on team they have failed to make the grade. The sad part is we just signed half of these guys to long term contracts. (Roy, Gaustad, Hecht) Our new team captain, definitely not leading by example.

Players that did not make any of the 4 lists criteria:

The best players on our team according to these stats are:

If you ask me these are the only untouchables on the team, plus Miller because there is not anyone better to get. Sorry if this was too long but I wanted an objective way to look at the players on our team before we decide who to throw away. Please throw out any thoughts that come to mind. Out.
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December 7, 2008 11:56 AM ET | Delete
This is a joke, right? Does this take into account what players these guys play against? To say Kaleta, Mair, and Peters are the "best" defensively on this team is ridiculous. They play against other goons, while Hecht, Roy, Rivet, Lydman tend to play against the other teams top players.
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