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"The Blueshirt Perspective"
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Are you syked for the Winter Classic? I'm not particularly. It's a distraction in a season that's already had its share. If the league wants to create a holiday spectacle...it shouldn't have any bearing on the standings.

I'm just sort of "outdoor-gamed" out. Snow....rain...fog....bad ice...HBO.....fedoras.....vintage white uniforms.....the novelty was worn thin on me. I know.....I know....I'm not the target for this event. I'd rather watch Florida and Columbus duke it out....under normal game conditions. I certainly wouldn't attend a game like this. In a baseball stadium? Are you kidding? Baseball is hard enough to watch in a baseball stadium let alone a sport where the object in play is smaller an a baseball. The charm of outdoor hockey is in "playing" it...not "watching" it.

I propose that the All-star game be played on New Year's Day (or the next most convenient date). It can be outdoors...if that's what tickles you. Also, kills two peacocks with one ruby. One dead date on the schedule instead of two. The unindoctrinated really aren't ready for this sport full on anyway. Do you think last year's potential career ending hit on Sid the Kid was the best advertisement for the sport? The non-fan needs the passivity of an All-star game to be able to process what they're seeing. The minds of the reality show set and the baseball-adled fan are fragile.

Can't imagine HBO would be a distraction. Can you? Although I have to admit that I did enjoy last year's edition to an extent...it was too narrowly focused. Teams are not undergoing special preparations for the Winter Classic...it's just another regular season game. Follow a few teams through a season with playoffs and I'm there big time. There would be far more drama filmed in the spring when teams are prepping for the post season or vying for the last few playoff slots than there is in the fall. Is there really drama in anticipating Torts's outbursts? He's such an agreeable fellow....can't imagine ruffling him up.

Do you think the Rangers try a 1-3-1 trap in this one? Laviolette's head will explode (as well as Bettman's). Now that would be a spectacle.
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November 14, 2011 3:03 PM ET | Delete
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