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"The Blueshirt Perspective"
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This is my first in-depth look at the cap...so bear with me. As of today, the cap numbers being supplied from NHLSCAP.com state that the Rangers have about $2.9 million left for the 2009-2010 season. There are a few updates to make to that number and a few items left on Slat's "to-do" list that will have impact.

Here's where I think we are...

First, the additions...

Add $1 million to that number from Pat Rissmiller who is unlikely to play for the big club this year (certainly not out of camp). Add another $700K from the traded Lauri Korpikoski (the NHLSCAP numbers already assume Lisin will make the team). Add another $900K because Sanguinetti is not the most likely candidate for promotion. That brings the available cap space to $5.5 million.

Now the subtractions...

I think it an oversight that Steve Valiquette isn't listed. I believe him to be under contract for next year to the tune of $700K or so. Barring any unforseen trades or obstacles, I think Dubinsky will get signed for around $2.5 million annually (2 or 3 years). Add Matt Gilroy to the roster at $1.1 million (they paid alot for him, he'll get a shot). Brian Boyle (the likely replacement for Blair Betts) is also an omission at $1.2 million. This brings the cap space number back down to $1.2 million.

The remaining needs based on a 22 man roster...

A veteran D-man. I think it unlikely that Torts goes with 3 rookies on the blueline (assuming Gilroy is in). I'm assuming either Sauer or Potter make the big club. They will get another veteran even at the cost of a forward, of which they would need at least 1 more. $1.2 million isn't alot of scratch to work with.

I somehow have the feeling my analysis will be blown apart by another trade. Perhaps it's necessary. While I'm personally fine with going into the year with Dubinsky as the top center, I get the feeling that Torts isn't. And the whole Heatley thing is freaking me out. I would rather have had Heatley than Gaborik but....here we are. Can't tie up that much cash in one and half players (Gaborik is likely to be healthy for half to three quarters of his contract). I wish the Sharks would pull the trigger already.

Help me out. Did I get close to getting it right?
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