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McCarty OR Chelios?

Posted 3:23 PM ET | Comments 6
Who Do You Choose? McCarty Or Chelios?

The Detroit Red Wings have no cap space and with two big name guys still needing to be signed we may be seeing a few little moves by Detroit. The ings Chris Chelois 7 Darren McCarty are waiting for a home and unless we do something in the trade department, we're not going to have any room for them. So GM Ken Holland has some options that could either make or break this team.

1) We take a chance and let go some of or young prospects for some wriggling room. Like what happens if we let a guy go but then he goes for a 45 points season! Kyle Quincy is definitely going to be one of the bigger targets but he did have a 22 point season with the Rapids so hat happens if this is his break- out season?

2) We don't do anything and hope we'll do as good as we did last year without two key guys. (This would be the cowards out and knowing Holland, he'll only use this as a last resort!)

3) We choose one of the two guys and ask thjat one player if he can be signed for the league minimum and tell him he'll get good time and will be on the 1st line/pir most of the time.

So which one would I choose? Number 3. Why? Cuse then we still get one guy and then it doesn't effect our team as much as it would if we let both guys go. But then you still hae a hard decision to make, who do you offer the contract to? I'd offer it up to Mr. Chelios. Why? Cause he's a vet, he knows this team a little better than Darren and I see hm more of a fan favourite here in Detroit.

Now it's your turn! What option would you chose if you were Ken and why? Either email me your answer at [email][email protected][/email], pm me the answer or just post your answer in the comment block!

Signing Out,
Wings Wiz
August 28, 2008 10:44 PM ET | Delete
I think Holland is going to move someone. The Wings have one or two of their young players that either have to be dealt or they lose them on waivers and I think Quincey is one of them. He can't be sent to GR anymore so they either deal him, lose him or play him and trade someone else. As for McCarty, it's not even certain he's coming back with the Wings. He wants to and they want him to but, he could end up somewhere else. If he does come back, it'll be a two way deal like Downey just signed. And I also see Chelios coming back in a limited role. Wings do have problems with all that depth and what to do with it. Other teams should have their problems.
August 29, 2008 12:32 AM ET | Delete
McCarty will sign his two way deal (like Downey) and either be with the Wings or Grand Rapids. He has already stated he is fine with playing in GR if he doesn't make the team in camp and will add depth just like last season. Chelios already has a deal in place and will be signed as soon as he returns to Detroit from what Holland was quoted as saying this week so it's not a choice between Chelios or McCarty...they will have both.Wings will make one or two moves before the season starts just to get some wiggle room under the cap since they have too many defensemen and need to cut some salary. One of Lilja, Meech, Quincey or Lebda will either be traded or they might simply waive Quincey (if he loses out in camp) and hope nobody claims him. Lilja and Samuelsson (more likely Lilja) are two that could be moved for the simple fact they make 1.2 million each and with one of them gone or both they would be below the cap and have room to call up guys for injuries. Quincey, Lebda or Meech being moved alone wouldn't clear up enough cap space to have much wiggle room since they all make close to the league minimum and a replacement being brought up will likely make the same or more (Ericsson, Leino) than the players they replace and if those low salary players get injured u need cap space to be able to call up someone making a bit more.Should be a very interesting camp for the Wings this year. Ericsson, Leino or another youngster making the team could also force Holland to make more moves to free up cap and roster space.Can't wait for it to start!! Go Wings!!
August 29, 2008 2:53 AM ET | Delete
2 key guys? Let's be honest here. Both are veteran personalities in the locker room but neither is a neccessity to the winning of this team. The Red Wings would be just as well without signing either player. I believe they will sign McCarty to the league min on a 2 way deal and sign Chelios out of respect to a discount contract and a reduced role that he will need to embrace, which he will gladly do as a thank you for having his name on the cup in 2008 and probably 2009. This blog sounds like were talkin about Zetty and Dats.
August 30, 2008 9:29 PM ET | Delete
i agree with wingsfan6. first of all no offense but you dont sound that knoledgable in this area. no disrespect to a fellow wings fan but holland will make move a move and he'll shift things around. but remember that he doesnt have to do anything yet. first hes going to see how training camp goes. maybe quincey will beat lilja for the line up. maybe we will carry 8 d-man or 14 o-man. with holland he always works something out. you also might want to keep aneye on mikael samuelsson cuz since hossa took his place in the lineup he might be out of here for some much needed cap space. but i guarantee you kenny holland will NOT choose any of your 3 options but he might do some of the things you mentioned and he will do whats best for our beloved wings. sorry.
August 30, 2008 9:33 PM ET | Delete
p.s. i agrree with with dcz28 and csullivan10
August 31, 2008 5:29 PM ET | Delete
i just hope they trade lilja!!!!
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