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The Anaheim Ducks have signed forward Andrew Cogliano to a 4 year deal worth $12 million. This is a great deal for both sides, but in particular for the Ducks. If Cogliano had become a UFA this season, he would probably command upwards of $3.5-$4 million a year, instead of the average of $3 million that he has been signed. And the 4 years and $12 million is nice for Cogliano because it means that he has job security for the next several years, as well as being paid a nice sum of money to play the sport of hockey. The breakdown of the salary is $2.7 million in the 1st year, $2.9 million in the 2nd year, $3.1 million in the 3rd year, and $3.3 million in the final year of the contract. He is currently being paid $2.67 million, so he's getting a nice raise every season. It's a good, cap friendly deal for both sides in every single season of this deal.

Ever since Cogliano broke into the league back in 2007 with the Oilers, he has never missed a game. He's never been injured or scratched. He's been banged around and beat up, but he just kept on trucking. And just recently he played in his 500th straight game. His 501 straight games is 3rd in the league behind Jay Bouwmeester (676 straight games) and Henrik Sedin (671 straight games). He is an incredible durable player who can take a beating and just keep going. Since joining the Ducks he has played in 173 straight games, and looks to continue against the Canucks on Sunday.
Since last season, Cogliano has played on the Ducks 3rd line with Saku Koivu and Daniel Winnik, forming what has arguably been the Ducks most consistent line over the last 2 seasons. They don't often score (although Cogliano has put together a very nice offensive season, more on that shortly), but they go over the boards to shut down the oppositions top lines. And they do a great job of it. Plus, Cogliano plays on the Ducks penalty kill and is a key contributor on it. His speed and tenacity make him perfect while the Ducks are shorthanded. He's not overly physical, instead, he uses his speed to his advantage to break up passes and block shots (which led to a goal against Edmonton last night).
Cogliano hasn't been an offensive force since he broke in back in 07. His career high is 18 goals and 45 points, both set in his rookie season. In his 2 and a half seasons with the Ducks, he has had 13 goals every side. His 1st season was up and down, but last year he really took off, scoring 13 goals in just 48 games. This year, he has already matched that total in 43 games. His speed has been giving him great scoring chances ever since he got to Anaheim and last season he really started to bury them, and he's just continued to do that this season as well. As long as he stays healthy, he should break 20 goals this season for the 1st time in his career.
Cogliano gives his all every shift that he takes. He's a real heart and soul player for the Ducks. Getzlaf wears the C, and Koivu and Selanne wear the A, and when they move on, Perry and Beauchemin will inherit them. And I have a feeling that Cogliano will be one of the 1st alternates to wear the A when one of them doesn't play. He's become a real leader on this team and gives his all whenever his skate blades touch the ice.
This is a great deal for the Ducks. They've locked up a key player, one who I would argue has become core player, for the next 4 years. This is a great deal for Cogliano. He's got job security in a place that he wants to play. He has been one of the many reasons why the Ducks are on top of the Pacific, and will hopefully be one of the main reasons why the Ducks go deep in the playoffs this year and many more to come.
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a contract extension and cogs scoring in a 5-2 ducks win equals some serious salt in the oilers wound...
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