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Anyone who takes Andrew MacDonald's contract will instantly become my 3rd favourite team, SK • Canada • 1 Years Old • Male
Ya, not going to do any shout outs here, because that's not the type of guy that I am.(joke) Although I do think "Rangers"(saw a guy post in the NYR blog that he doesn't like it when people call them "Rags" fans) fans are being a little tough on Drury. The guy thought he would get signed somewhere. If your boss said "here's a raise for you before you leave", would you say "no, i'm too good of a person to accept that"? I don't think so. Give the guy a break.

Also I'd like to give my condolenses to Rick Rypien's family. I don't really want to talk about it to be honest, but man he was a damn good fighter. R.I.P. buddy.

Anywho, jibber-jabber aside, here's my predictions for the 2011/2012 Western Conference Standings!

2011/2012 Western Conference Standings

1. Vancouver Canucks- *115 Points- Again, a team that didn't lose much. Yes, they lost Ehrhoff, but they've still got 7-8 NHL dmen on their team. Others will step it up this year. I also think Cody Hodgson will make the team and make a considerable impact. Washington and them will battle for the President's trophy.

2. LA Kings- *110 Points- Wow. What else can I say. Their team is the LA Flyers of the West! In are Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Colin Frasor, out are Schenn, Simmonds, Smyth, Ponikarovsky, Sturm, and a TON of AHL prospects! This team will be the team to beat come playoff team. Such a FW force!

3. Detroit Red Wings- *100 Points- Lidstrom is back, and this is what saved this team from a major collapse. Rafalski retired, so they lost a solid, solid #2 dman there, and Ian White was his replacement. When he retires next year, or the year after, they'll have some big problems on their hands.

4. Anaehim Ducks- *102 Points- Now this is where it gets tough. This is a super hard team to evaluate right now, because 1 key, key player hasn't decided whether he's playing another year or not. Stupid Selanne. My gut feeling is that he's coming back. I can't see him retiring after the amazing year he had last year as a 40 year old. (40 fricken years people!). If he retires, I have them in the #6 spot. But that Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan line is still fricken amazing. Good luck Anaheim.

5. Nashville Predators- *99 Points- Again, a team that didn't do much this off-season. They have a top 5 goalie in the league in Rinne, and a nasty d-corpse, that will most likely include Ryan Ellis. I'm sure him and Lebda will fight hard for that #4 dman on the team. Colin Wilson and Patric Hornqvist will be stars out there this year. Watch and see.

6. San Jose Sharks- *98 Points- Oh boy. 1 of the "Big 3" is gone. Yes, Heatley wasn't a playoff performer, but he was still a helluva R.S. performer. Havlat is a good replacement, but he won't conbtribute nearly as much as Heatley did in the R.S. with that being said, the Sharks still have a very good team. Ya Niemi isn't the greatest starter, but they still have a pretty good offense. I think they got fleeced in the 2 deals they made. That's why they drop down to the #6 spot for me. Although Anaheim, Nashville, Chicago and them will battle hard for these #4-7 spots.

7. Chicago Blackhawks- *97 Points- Well they finally got rid of the 2nd worst contract in modern NHL history (Can thank Glen Sather for the #1 spot), thanks to their former friend, and GM Dale Tallon. They did Chicago a huge justice there. Tons of superstar power on this team. Keither, Toews, Kane, Sharp, ect ect. West will be tough again this year.

8. Calgary Flames- *90 Points- Well Calgary didn't get better, but the bottom 8 sure did get worse, yikes. Calgary, now is your time to make the playoffs, before all the rebuilding, and up-and-coming teams (Columbus, Edmonton, Colorado, St. Louis ect.) get up on your ass and make you a non-playoff team again. I'm sure you'd get swept by Vancouver in the 1st round anyways, but hey, atleast you made the playoffs, right?

9. St.Louis Blues- *87 Points- This a good young team, but that's the problem. They're young. They've got a solid goaltender in Halak, and a rising d-corpse of Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo. Takes time, you'll be there in another 1-2 years i'm sure.

10. Minnesota Wild- *85 Points- This is a team that added some offensive punch, adding Heatley and Setoguchi during the off-season. They got rid of a HUGE defensive liability in Burns, but really, he was their best dman. You need defense to make the playoffs. They've got the offence, and goaltending, but no "d". Another team that will struggle hard to make the playoffs in the up and coming years.

11. Columbus Blue Jackets- *84 Points- Well they finally acquired their #1 centerman to play with Nash, but another team that's waiting for all their youngsters to turn into stars, along with many other teams. Note to all college chicks in the Columbus area: Be wary of going out at clubs and night, cause Jeff Carter is on the loose.

12. Dallas Stars- *82 Points- Jeepers this West is going to be deep! They lost their #1 centerman. They didn't replace him. Yes Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson are tanks, but they don't got that much depth. Their goaltending sucks, their "d" is mediocre, along with an OK offense. They will miss Brad Richards deeply.

13. Edmonton Oilers- *75 Points- This team will win a Stanley Cup in the next 3-5 years. They've got soooo much dman good FW talent, they are going to be a POWERHOUSE. With the additions of Ryan Smyth (who I think they should name captain), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, a hopefully7 healthy Hemsky and Whitney, this is a team that could finish anywhere between 10th and 14th. Patience Oilers fans, your time is coming very, very soon, and i'm very excited to watch all these bright young talents play!! Go Oilers!

14. Colorado Avalanche- *72 Points- This is a team that i'm sorry to say, but they really demolished it. Trading away their brightest prospect in Stewart, along with Kevin Shattenkirk, yikes. Full re-build mode Avs fans. Might wanna make friends with Sens fans, cause you and the Sens are in for a looooong re-build. You could possibly lose Varlamov to Russia. See tweet below:

#KHL announces that it considers Varlamov, Bobrovsky, Kulemin and some other players to be in a "conflicted" contract status. It means that they had either a working #KHL contract or a qualifying offer when they left the league. Not clear how the KHL plans to act on this.

And that is not a poop source.

15. Phoenix Coyotes- *63 Points- Oh god where do I start. They've got Doan, and Yandle. That's about it. A couple of good young players in Turris, Hanzal and Oliver E-L. But god. You will not go ANYWHERE when your starting goaltender is Mike Smith, and your back-up is Jason Labarbara. Bryzgalov is the reason they finished so damn good. Him, Yandle and Doan WERE their team. Now 1/3 of that piece is gone. They are screwed. Enjoy your 5,000 fans that come out to attend the games out there Coyotes! It's gonna be a very, very long year for you guys.

Well blog #2 is done! Comment below and give me your opinion! Gonna take a break for a bit now, next blog will come in 2-3 days.

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