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What the hell! They didn't give me enough space for my title! Well tonight i'm going to do my predictions for how I think the East playoffs will finish. Here we go! Happy readings!


1. Washington vs. 8. NY Rangers- Washington in 6. Why?: Washington re-loaded this off-season, and finally got their #1 goalie, much like the Flyers did. The reason I have them in 6 is because he's never faced the playoff pressure before, in his lengthy career. The Rangers will give them a fight for their money, but I think Washington moves on.

2. Boston vs. 7. Montreal- Montreal in 7. Why?: This is the matchup Montreal wants. This is a damn good rivalry. Montreal will come out guns a blazing against the defending Champs, and eliminate them. Montreal will win all 3 games at home, then go on to win game 7 in Boston. Carey Price will out-duel Timmy T, and Montreal will move on. Now that's a bold prediction if you ever saw one folks.

3. Pittsburgh vs. 6. Buffalo- Pittsburgh in 6. Why?: Pittsburgh hasn't missed the playoffs since the '05/'06 season. They've been to the Cup finals twice during that time. Simple explanation: Pittsburgh's experience will pole-vault them over Buffalo. Ville Leino will have 5 points in 6 games for Buffalo though.

4. Tampa Bay vs. 5. Philadelphia- Philly in 7. Why?: Simple: I'm a homer. Philly will light up Roloson, and Bryzgalov will prove to the haters that he can turn it up come playoff time. All of a sudden since he's came to Philly he sucks, but when he was in Phoenix he was GOD. I hate people that're like that. Stamkos will light it up a biy, but Bryz will stand on his head, and lead Philly onto the 2nd round.


1. Washington vs. 7. Montreal- Washington in 7. Why?: Damnit! I couldn't do it! I was thinking Montreal could pull it off, but Washington added that key piece, and I think they'll go a long way. Sorry Montreal, I was rooting for you, but just....couldn't...do it!

3. Pittsburgh vs. 5. Philly- Philly in 7. Why?: Yes, Pittsburgh may have a 3 headed monster, with a good defence, but Philly has more depth, overall better defence, and their goaltenders are pretty much equal. Again, call me a homer, but a HUGE homer would have their team going to the Cup, which I won't...(spoiler). Philly will shock many, many people, including 3/4 of their fan base this year. They're a better team than many think. Crosby will have 10 points in 7 games, but it won't be enough.


1. Washington vs. 5. Philly- Washington in 7. Why?: Philly's brilliant road to the final will come to an end. The top line of Ovechkin, Backstrom and Semin will overpower the Flyers. Vokoun will stand on his head in the playoffs. Washington's dominant FW core will overpower the Flyers.

Well, those are my predictions for the 2012 Eastern Conference Playoffs! Comment below what you think! And please keep reading!

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