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Anyone who takes Andrew MacDonald's contract will instantly become my 3rd favourite team, SK • Canada • 1 Years Old • Male
Well there were only 10 questions, but whatever. Here we go

If you had too choose between Tania and your celebrity crush, who do you choose?
Favorite alcholic beverage?
Favorite movie?

*All from blacksheep1*

Well since Katy Perry is my celeb crush, obviously Katy Perry!
Since I hate beer, I have to go with Bacardi.

Which teacher past or present would you most like to (frank)?: whosyodaddy:

My current Photo teacher Miss Beatty. A solid 8.5/10!

Favorite food?: Bonzo11:

That's a tough one... I have to go with Spaghetti or Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Have you ever made a post without using an emoticon?: rmiethaner:


Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? How many fingers am I holding up?: TheProffesor:

Yes I do enjoy taking long walks on beaches when I go somewhere nice.
And I think you're holding up 9 fingers.

favorite sex position?
favorite non-flyer?
favorite devil?
favorite ranger?
do you play for the other team?

*All from Dmarsden2988

I can't tell you that.
Ryan Getzlaf
Zach Parise
And I feel however I answer this question, it's gonna be the wrong way... but no, I dont?

Do you enjoy polishing baseball bats?: Reveen:

I haven't played baseball in 3 years, so I haven't polished any lately...

Pitcher or catcher?: DarthYoda:


Well that concludes the Q & A blog! Thanks for those who posted!...
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