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Creating a blog like this will bring obvious controversy, agreements and disagreements. I know that. However, the Oilers are without a captain for the 13/14 season, so why not blog about it? The Oilers could always go the 3 assistant captains route, however, i feel that with all the young players the Oilers have, they will put a C on one of their younger players sweaters.
In my honest opinion this isn't a really THAT hard of a decision. I've heard many announcers, bloggers and media say "this guy will be the future Oilers captain"
His name? Taylor Hall.

I think Taylor Hall is the right choice for the Oilers captain. He exemplifies everything of a quality captain. He leads by example, and isn't one to be negative.
You look at some of the other options the Oilers got...
1. Jordan Eberle: Great young player, and my 2nd choice for the "C". I personally just see Hall as more of a leader. I dont think the Oilers could go wrong with choosing Eberle as their captain also
2. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins/ Nail Yakupov: Im not a fan of naming such a young player to such a huge role. I never liked Landeskog being appointed the C at such a young age, because it put such a load on such a young player.
3. Ladislav Smid: I think Smid is a fine defenseman, but if the Oilers need to shed some cap for next season, i see him as a prime target for being traded since Klefbom will be ready, and you have guys like Nurse, Musil, Marincin in the wings. I cant see him being handed the "C"
4. Ryan Smyth: Lets be honest here guys after this season he's gone with the impending cap issues. I like Smyth as a leader and he'd be a fine captain but no point for 1 season
5. Sam Gagner: Always been a fan of this kid and im glad the Oilers haven't traded him (yet...). I dont care what anyone says, to get 8 points in this day in age in ONE game is absolutely sensational and it could possibly be something we'll never witness again. I love Gagners play, thing is, i dont see him as captain material. I dont see him as somebody the Oilers players would look up to, and model after. Plus that threat of trade is still looming
PS i just added this in because of laughs, so give props to him everybody!!!

Yes, Hall has durability issues, as he hasnt played a full NHL season yet in his 3 year NHL career. So some may say give it Jordan Eberle. But to me, everything seems right about giving Hall the "C". He's a complete warrior out there on the ice. He sets the tone for the team, and it's exciting when he's on the ice. He's a role model, he's a leader.
Therefore, I think Taylor Hall should be the next Oilers captain!

Thanks for reading, please post comments below!
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Haha than you BetterCallSaul! BTW Breaking Bad forever man!!
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Hi. Does this count as a hit???
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Every time I try to post I get "mySQL Error in statement"
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And then of course it works.Keep it up with the blogs. Great work.
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Good stuff. In my opinion is that it should go to gags.
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I agree with Hall for Captain, Gagner would be a close second.
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Second post. Lets see if this one works.Thanks, Hall, Gagner or Eberle all good choices.
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I think Hall would be the best choice
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