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Poor Playfair?

Posted 12:58 PM ET | Comments 1
Dude, wake up, you should ask D-S for some help, or volunteer to leave? Who knows... whatever you're doing, not doing, it's not working.

I mean, it must suck, though for you at the same time, no one wanted you to fail, it's just... your team isn't playing to its potential.

I'm not even a Flames fan, but it's kind of funny...

Dudes on thehockeynews.com figure the LouLammy move should've happened in Stampede City

Bob MacKenzie figures the same too...

What are the flames fans thinking... is there any hope left?
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April 16, 2007 5:13 PM ET | Delete
I was also a proponent of Sutter taking over the reigns at the end of the season, relegating Playfair back to defensive coach.. or out of the system completely.The problem is the Sutter is WAY too proud and WAY too loyal. He would NEVER eat crow with a move like that. Unfortunately, he is going to lose in the playoffs and lose the trust of the fans due to it.My credo since 04 has been In Sutter We Trust. However, hubrus is the bane of all men. I find my faith faltering.
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