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Luongo Injury

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Well in my trolling for info on Luongo it appears the actual press conference will be help at 2PM PST and that the prognosis is somewhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on what source you believe. Both reports so far are coming out of Montreal, so it may be from people connected to Luongo's family. We shall see for sure soon enough.

My two cents is that with the way the Canucks have been playing, providing that can continue their good team game, they should be OK. Even if they can play .500 hockey while he is out, they will be in good shape when he returns. Sanford has been playing well, proven by his games in Minny and Pitt. He let in a soft goal in each game, which he needs to clean up from his game, but I think will more game action that will not be a problem. I am really starting to see some of Roberto's style in Curtis' game, which can only be a good thing. The other positive is we should get at least a one game look, possibly more, at Schneider to see if he can translate his AHL dominance into NHL success. I am not sure he is ready to carry a full NHL workload, but after this year he very well may be ready, although he with likely have to wait one more year (or at least part of a year) in order to get his real shot. That will all come down to whether Luongo resigns in the summer. If Luongo resigns, Schneider will likely get traded sometime next year. If Luongo does not resign, then I would think we try and move him sometime next year and give Cory the reins.

I hope to update when I have more info on Luongo, hopefully directly from the Canucks.

PhReAkShO Out!
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