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Corner of Kirk Maclean's Toe and Robert Reichel's face. • Canada • 2018 Years Old • Male
I am not a fan of brawls. Never have been. They are the ultimate way for a lesser team to equalize themselves with a better team.

But why all the blame on the Islanders? Are they not just another team that has had to compete in a league that is so uncoodinated with discipline and suspensions that it encourages teams to handle things themselves?

After all, there is no other justice, is there, Mr. Savard?

If the Pens organization is going to play this game of "woe is me" then they should look in the mirror and see the god-awful damage they have done by employing people like Talbot and Cooke.

If you ask me.... this was Karma. The Pens and the NHL asked for this and the Islanders should be lauded for standing up for themselves. All the frustration of playing in an unfair leage... that results in the game you got.
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