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3 - 0 A Fluke???

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The Canucks are now riding a 3-0 record, going un - beaten but was it a fluke? No way! Vancouver and it's prospects were working their butt off to win the last three games and that hard work has definitely been paying off. I mean, some prospects like Jannik Hansen (3 points in 2 preseason games) have been showing why they deserve to make this team while others like Matt Pettinger are trying to prove that they are still worthy of a roster spot.

So now I'll tell you who I think made this game, not a fluke!
Jason Krog:

Jason was a key faceoff guy in both games he played but he also proved that he could work well shorthanded, dumping Hansen's rebound right past Boucher. So this kid has worked mighty hard to make the team, doing everything he can and even if he get's cut, he'll definitely be someone who Gillis & AV keep their eye on.

Jannik Hansen:

This kid wants a spot on the team bad, and well after his performance, he may be getting one! Hansen has now had 3 points in the two games he's played in and will definitely be adding to that. So Jannik has proved that no wrist injury can take him down and that he's the same Hansen we all saw a couple seasons ago!

Cory Schneider:

Well this ones a little obvious. Cory has made 54 saves in the 1 game and 1 period he's played in. Yes he's let in 5 goals but this kid has "potential" written all over him and has already attracted fans! So we may not see the kid in the NHL this year but don't worry Schneider lovers, it won't be too long until we see Cory in a Canucks jersey, full - time!

Michael Grabner:

Michael has had one goal, but this goal was somethin' beautiful. It showed that Grabner isn't afraid to go into the dirty places and that he's not afraid to get pushed around. I personally love this kid and think that he deserves a spot on the team but where-ever he goes, he'll be sure to score!

Pierre-Cedric Labrie:

Now Labrie is my dark - horse, for making the team that is! He has been impressing me, not with his offensive talent but just his positioning and just his movement with the puck looks very good. So a lot of you are probably thinking "what the hell are you doing!" but just wait and see as I've got a good feeling about this kid.
So there you go folks, those are my prospects and the guys I think made this not a fluke. I'd love to hear your opinion on who you think made this record not a fluke!

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September 29, 2008 12:40 PM ET | Delete
it's the preseason
September 29, 2008 7:52 PM ET | Delete
You guys are going all the way!! Most teams aren't icing their regular lineup, so don't read too much into it. Besides, nobody wants to get hurt in the preseason.
Seriously though, terribly out-shot vs the Ducks on Sunday, but your guys really played well. Tighten the defense a little.
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