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"Beerbaron's Rants and Raves...well mostly Rants"
Ottawa, ON • 30 Years Old • Male
Yes the playoffs are here! And like every other Canadian I am ready for some good ol' time hockey. I've already plastic wrapped the tv to keep it protected from the spit and anything else that might be projected at the tv in anger (note to self...it will not be protected from blunt objects, keep Best Buy flyer close by just in case.) I think there are some very exciting matchups in the first round. The one I'll be watching the most naturally, as a sens fan, will be the Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa series. This should be a real barn burner if you ask me. High scoring, exciting hockey. By the end of the series the goal judge should have a sore hand from having to light the lamp so many times. My prediction is Ottawa in 5

But it won't be the only exciting matchup. Atlanta is in the playoffs for the first time and they will have a difficult time with the Rangers. NY is getting some key goaltending at a crucial time and it could be the X factor to get them into the 2nd Round. I like NY in 6

Calgary vs. Detroit should be a very physcial series as everybody and their dog knows that Sutter's boys (even though he's the GM they are still Sutter's boys) will bring it for 60 minutes and not let up. Detroit has a lot more sandpaper than they did when the last lost to Calgary in 04. It will be interesting to see how Dom "flopper" Hasek plays for Detroit (assuming he doesn't pull a groin and sit on the bench for the series). I like Calgary in 6

And last but certainly not least the San Jose vs. Nashville series is gonna suck...why? Because these are two fantastic teams and it's a shame that one of them will be sent home after the first round. Nashville opened the vault to land Foppa before the deadline and SJ got Guerin and Rivet for their cup run. I could see this series going back and forth and being a very close series. I like Nashville in 7 only because I truly believe Foppa is going to find another gear and make believers out of everybody who wrote him off while in Philly.

Well let's sit back relax and crack a cold one (or ten). The playoffs start tonight...time the annual empty beer case pyramid.

April 11, 2007 9:11 AM ET | Delete
to bad all of the canadian teams will get eliminated early, like they usually do these days... i wish you and your team good luck, you will need it.
April 11, 2007 9:37 AM ET | Delete
Good luck to you as well briere4prez08; you talk a good game, but we all know the Sabres are terrified at the prospect of meeting the Sens this year. You better hope Miller can withstand the run or you're in sever trouble!Good read beerbaron! I'll be cracking a cold one at 6:30 and will raise a glass to all fellow Sens fans! BE RED!
April 11, 2007 9:51 AM ET | Delete
Throw stuff at the TV? Protect your investment: hang a Leafs jersey in the opposite direction and hurl objects at the jersey instead.This one should be fun but I think the Sens have enough anger from previous early exits to get by Pitt in 5.
April 14, 2007 10:50 AM ET | Delete
FACT FOR ALL YOU SEN FANS... Sabres have always had your # in the playoffs, always will! Not to mention this is the deadliest SAbres lineup ever. you know it! I have all the confidence in USA MILLER!!! EMERY on the other hand... thats scary. hes the most unconsistent goalie out there right now, especially in the playoffs. boo ya
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