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Based on our team now, here would be our opening lines:




The lines might be different but these are in essence our guys heading in. There are a few things that strike me when i look at our team.

1. Our forwards are very small, Our toughest guy is probably Asham. Guys like Neal and Staal are big, but they arent going to hit anyone. We have been a team for the last few years that have been full of our tough guys on the 4th line. This year, we aren't.

2. Our Top 6 looks pretty decent actually. I mean, it is no one amazing other than Crosby and Malkin, but our LWers are pretty solid, and I really like Dupuis. Sullivan is a huge wild card, i could see him and Kennedy swaping spots, but he is a guy that could be great IF he is healthy.

3. Our defense lacks a True #1 caliber dman. I'm not bashing Letang or Oprik, but we just don't have that dman that some of our opponents have. That dman that can be a game changer in the offensive AND defensive zone. That being said, i think our defense is strong, but still will have issues.

Those are the 3 things i noticed most. Here are my solutions to fix those problems.

1. There are still a bunch of guys on the market that could help us.

Konopka- he is a guy that could really help us. He is a great faceoff guy plus he is as tough as nails.

Matt Bradley- not a huge guy or tough guys. But he provides some grit that we could use.

Eric Godard- let it be said i really like Godard. A tough guy, but not a cheap player. Hard working and someone that will stick up for his teammates. If you can sign him for 1 year at 500k, i say do it. We dont need to dress him unless it is against someone you might need him for.

2. Really nothing to say here. I like our top 6. I would have liked to have signed someone like Simon Gagne, but i think Pittsburgh won just by not signing any aging winger long term which will handcuff us down the road.

3. Well Drew Doughty is still out there, just hear me out before you click the "Back" button or make a stupid comment. Doughty is someone that wants to get his money, no doubt. But what if you offered him a 10 year/50 million deal. 5 million on average is the same as Paul Martin. I'm not sure about the compensation, but i think we would be sending LA a value of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd round pick, probably need a little more in value though.

Maybe someone like Paul Martin, Morrow (1st round pick) and our 1st Round Pick this year.

I don't know I'm just throwing some ideas around.

Let me know what you think.
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