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One That Got Away

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As expected, game 1 was another 1-goal game...only this time, quite amazingly, there were nine total goals! I was preparing to get some snacks ready for the 5th overtime when Vancouver finally ended it. The longest playoff game in Canucks history, the second longest playoff game in Stars history, and the sixth longest playoff game in NHL history had finally come to an end. It was really disappointing for the Stars because they clearly were the better team for the majority of the game. Dallas out shot Vancouver 76-56, with 52 of those coming in the 3rd period and overtimes. They out shot them 16-3 in the 3rd period alone, scoring twice, marking yet another stirring comeback. This group is resilient, hard-working, and have that never-say-die attitude! Even better, they are all healthy and most of them really well rested. Modano, Nagy, Daley, and Robidas carried the puck with extreme speed. Nagy, with the game-tying goal and an assist, had his best game as a Dallas Star. Daley and Miettinen each netted their first career playoff goals, and Brendan Morrow continued his strong comeback from injury with a goal and an assist. Jere Lehtinen also returned from injury, turning in his usual, solid, defensive game. One of Dallas' strongest assets is the fact that Tippett can roll out all four lines and six d-men equally. This paid off huge in the 3rd period and first two overtimes, as they skated circles around the Canucks. This will continue to be a major factor in the series. Both teams' penalty kills were outstanding, giving up one goal each, including a couple of 5 on 3's. Two of Vancouver's goals were fluky...one going in off Sydor's skate with nobody in front, and the other a fortunate bounce off the glass that Turco did not see. On top of that, Naslund's goal was a soft one that Marty should have had. The Sedin's were completely shut down (at least until the last two overtimes), Bieksa took four goofy penalties, and Luongo proved he is human. The Stars simply did not capitalize on the momentum they generated from the 3rd period comeback. They will not make that mistake again...I am predicting that game 2 will be an even more dominate performance by the Stars and they will head back home tied 1-1!
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April 12, 2007 11:18 PM ET | Delete
I think these two teams are a lot closer than your view has them. Don't forget, the Canucks played 2 forwards short for much/most of the game. As well, Luongo was weak on at least 2 of Dallas' goals...probably should have been a 3-2 game. i see these teams as very equally matched and it should be a long, tough series. I was impressed with the Stars persistence...not many teams can match the Canucks that way. The Sedins played poorly in regulation and had one goal. They were the best players (in my view) as the overtimes went on and scored the winner. If that's a shut down, what will happen when they're not shut down! Zubov was fantastic against them -- for the first 4 periods particularly. Bieksa was sure nervous, which is unusual for him. Can Nagy play as well consistently? I don't think so, but we'll see. This could be one of the best of all the series.
April 12, 2007 11:39 PM ET | Delete
Well spoken Fred...my initial blog about the series had much more about the evenness and longevity of this battle. Simply put...last night was a game Dallas should have one. Ditto on Nagy and the best of all the series. One more thing, my original writing included that the Sedin's were shut down until overtime...that was accidentally omitted and I'm revising it now.
April 13, 2007 3:11 AM ET | Delete
This is going to be a very tight series, but that may not mean it will go 6 or 7. I don't think any team will win a game by more than 2 goals.
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