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The STARS rewarded Dave Tippett with a well-deserved 2-year extension, locking him up through the 2010-2011 season. Tip has one of the best, if not the best, regular season winning percentages of any coach in history. Under his guidance the STARS have been to the playoffs every year, and 2 wins from the Stanley Cup Finals last season. Tippett's success with the STARS parallels that of goalie Marty Turco's. Turco's first season as the starting goalie was Tip's first season as the head coach. Where Turco goes, Tip goes ... except Turco, for the most part, has no chance of being moved. Though well-deserved and a nice gesture, by no means is Tippett's job secure! The bar has been set really high again and with Mr. Hull in command, that's where it will stay.


Switching to baseball for a moment ... what an incredible All-Star game that was last night! With the Rangers winning a little more this year, and the tremendous story of Josh Hamilton ... I've been a little more inclined to tune in lately. When's the last time a little Ranger, from Texas, stole the hearts of 56,000 New Yorker's! There was not a cooler moment than during the home run derby ... when those die-hard Yankee fans were chanting HAM-IL-TON, HAM-IL-TON, HAM-IL-TON! I was actually proud to be a Rangers' fan! 3 other Rangers played in the game: Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, and Milton Bradley. Young had the game-winning sacrifice fly, scoring Morneau from third base on a VERY close play at the plate; one of multiple close plays at the plate. I've never seen so many defensive gems in one game. Double plays, incredible short-hop grabs, outfield assists, and likely the best game-saving inning ever. Though it delayed the inevitable, getting past the 10th inning was almost miraculous. Bases loaded, no outs, consecutive errors ... no way this game was not over. Not only did the NL get the outs, but the first 2 came at home plate and the last one was an unbelievable individual play by Miguel Tejada. Without question it was the best baseball All-Star game I've ever watched. It certainly helped fill the massive void of no hockey! I'm on the Josh Hamilton and Texas Rangers' band-wagon.

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