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For those of us STARS faithful that fill the American Airlines Center each home game, that movie clip is engrained in our minds! Numerous times this year, Dallas has been behind the 8-ball...and numerous times this year, they have answered the call. Tonight was no different...Marty Turco was absolutely brilliant, and they found a way to finally solve Luongo. Now, there is no question the Stars were due an overtime win (and a couple of more at that), but they came out of the locker room on a mission, not to be denied. They owned the brief overtime session and earned a series-saving win. The shots were 6-1 in favor of Dallas and they capitalized on a critical bench mistake due to the should-have-been break-away. There came a moment in the last few minutes of regulation where Luongo seemed to lose his confidence. He allowed a simple shot from the circle to get through him, and followed that up with several more pudgy rebounds. Ironically, the last two Dallas goals have come with their Captain, Brendan Morrow, standing in from of Mr. Luongo (hint-hint, Stars players). I know you Canuck fans are fed up with the absolute "raping" of your all-star net-minder, but it is really hard to draw a call when he is standing outside the crease (as he was with the phantom goalie interference call tonight!). Please do not misunderstand, he has been incredible...they both have...this will go down as one of the best goal-tending duals in playoff history! Both goalies have incredible numbers, each giving up 9 goals (after tonight). The two blaring differences are that Marty has 2 shutouts and Roberto has a 3-2 lead. Aside from Turco standing on his head the first two periods, the Stars' skaters had nothing going for them. They really played poorly and I honestly expected Vancouver to end this series. Mike Modano looked vintage at times, flying and dangling, but nothing was connecting. Eric Lindros, whom I was really concerned with, turned in a spirited performance...he played an excellent game for being gone as long as he has been. Also, the re-insertion of Louis Eriksson was a great move by Tippett...he was all around it tonight as well as throwing the body around a bit. Mike Ribiero looked like the guy we watched all year...magical with puck. The defense finally settled down and Marty continued to shine. The Canucks better have their seat belts fastened in Game 6...because the Stars have renewed confidence, they have been reminded what it is like to win in overtime, and the AAC is going to be ROWDY, LOUD, AND PROUD!!!

STARS take game 6, 4-1, and win series in game 7!
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April 20, 2007 9:43 AM ET | Delete
err... lucky bounce bro'.... but whatever works :) we'll be glad to beat you at home... similar to what happened the last two times... tight series, great goaltending... i'm scared modano might actually do something the more game time we give him... we'll ese after tomorrow! PS... I think you're asking a bit to much for 4 goals to be scored on Luongo... it's going to be 2-1... more than likely for the Canucks, but I guess we'll have to wait and see ;)
April 20, 2007 10:27 AM ET | Delete
How many lucky bounces have you guys had? You had 2 in game 1 alone. We've gotten zero breaks as far as lucky bounces, and almost scored in our own net last night. I don't want to hear anything about lucky bounces!
April 20, 2007 11:29 AM ET | Delete
Lucky Bounce or whatever you Cans want to call it, It went in and that's all it matters. You just have to believe it that STARS are a better team. Cans just got lucky so far in this series, otherwise this series would have been over long ago in favor of STARS, however there is still time and we will accomplish this task. And just for your information, don't worry about Modano; His falshes last night were just great. If I was you, I would worry about the Sedins who are not doing anything for your team, since STARS have them under control. We also have proved that we can beat Roberto L. at home or on the road, so look up Cans, STARS are comming for you tomorrow night in an episode of "Hockey Night in North TEXAS", and trust me, there nothing like it.
April 20, 2007 4:45 PM ET | Delete
If I saw the game correctly, Morrow went to the front of the net hit the puck with his stick to change the direction enough to get past Luongo. Unbelievable defensive game, 2 great goaltenders. No luck involved, just another player doing what he needs to do, "GO TO THE NET"...
April 20, 2007 6:36 PM ET | Delete
Lucky bounces? I think everyone here is taking away credit where the credit is due. Luongo and Turco have been absolutely brilliant in this series. Do not discredit either of these guys, with out Loungo the Canucks would not even be in the playoffs, and without Turco, the Stars would also not be in the playoffs.
April 21, 2007 4:03 AM ET | Delete
Nuck's have this series. Even if the Stars do manage to beat Vancouver, you won't get past the following round. The Wings, Ducks, Sharks ?? Stars wouldn't be able to dig out of a rut like this in front of those teams. Sorry, but this Stars team has nothing in common with the team that lifted the Cup. KAHOCKEY, you can't even begin to call the Canucks "just lucky". Your Stars almost scored on themselves for christ sakes last night. That's very lucky. To end your season like that? It's been both ways by far as far as "bounces" go. No team has clearly outplayed the other. Both teams, in my opinion (and I stress that an opinion is nothing more than just that, aren't great enough to make it through the next round unless they make some serious turn arounds and stop relying on their goalie. Just need more goals and more confidence.Four goal is asking much of both teams to score. Luongo and Turco have been great. If the Dallas Stars lose this series and oust Turco, I'd be dumbfounded. He's a great goalie and has literally kept this series alive. Anyway, besides the first game, every game has either what 2-1 or 1-0? It's all about caution on either side of the puck and some d. Game 6 is going to OT with a Canucks win. Did I stress the word opinion by the way? Shall we save the sh*t talking for after the game?
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