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Stars vs. Sharks Preview

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I got a FREE upgrade on my tickets tonight! I'll be sitting on the first row directly behind the Sharks bench tonight at the AAC! Section 118 ... regularly $135 seats! http://stars.nhl.com/team...=NHLPage&id=8599 I actually dislike sitting down low ... the true fans are up top and I enjoy watching the entire ice. However, this will be the first time (and probably the last!?!) that I will be sitting so close to the players and the glass. Should be a lot of fun ... especially if we get a puck or I get to mouth off to Cheechoo or Thornton!!! I'm taking a hat as well, just in case we get a hat trick. Versus has the TV side tonight and we're bound to be on camera ... because we all know that Versus and the NHL loves whoever is playing against the Stars and especially the likes of Joe Thornton and his Sharks! So it is most certain you will see your share of the Sharks bench ... and we'll be right behind them, givin' 'em hell!

As for the game, it is the only one on the NHL docket tonight and for Dallas, its fairly huge. Clearly, the Sharks are where the Stars would like to be. They are one of the top 3 teams in the league if not the best. They have scoring, defense, an all-star goalie, and depth. They have a coach who helped the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup last season ... and that alone I think gives them the upper hand against Detroit. In short, they're an excellent hockey team. But as has been said on many occasion, any give team on any give day can win the game. The Stars proved this during the playoffs when they defeated Anaheim, San Jose, and took Detroit to 6 games. They've proved it this season winning 3 of 4 against Detroit. They've battled hard against injuries and several other factors, putting themselves back in the playoff race and proving they are still a team to reckon with. To me, tonight is not about who wins or loses ... it is not a must-win. Instead, its about whether the Stars step up and hang with the Sharks. A 1-goal win or loss will prove much to this Stars team. One thing is for certain, if San Jose rolls into Big-D with a lackadaisical effort and assuming the win is a lock, Dallas will make them regret that decision.

Playoff watch:

24 out of 37 games left (9-4-0)
+18 points = 65
Total points given away = 9
Currently 7th seed (3 points out of 5th and 11 points out of 4th)
Max of 2 games in hand

Trade Deadline Activity:

Sean Avery assigned to the Hartford Wolfpack of the AHL. Will likely be picked up by the NY Rangers when he is recalled.

Word around here is that any type of big-name deal will not happen. To that I say this, without a miracle run this team with its current players will not win the Stanley Cup. We need some help ... not necessarily big names ... but a couple of quality pieces.


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