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long friend time friend, AB • Canada • 35 Years Old • Male
With less than one year until the 2010 Winter Olympics take place in beautiful Vancouver BC, I thought it would be interesting to discuss and debate the possible players that could dawn the Maple leaf for the hometown/country squad.

It's been often said that Canada could ice two very competitve teams and this may be true, but what would be the best mix in your opinion that could return Canada to the Gold medal podium next Year?

Here is the team I would send if the games started today, keeping in mind a lot can change in one year.

Left Wing Center Right Wing
D.Heatley S.Crosby J.Iginla
R.Nash J.Thornton V.Lecavalier
S.Gagne M.Savard M.St.Louis
B.Morrow M.Richards S.Doan

The forwards bring a equal amount of skill and grit on all four lines including putting Lecavalier on the Wing with Thornton and Nash to present a BIG 3 line that can cycle down low and wear down a defence and dominate the boards.

S.Niedermayer C.Pronger
M.Green D.Phaneuf
J.Bouwmeester S.Weber

Puck movers and boom layers a plenty on the back end with no visable hole anywhere to be found.


With this three headed monster, you have no worries if a Luongo or Brodeur get injured.

So the question remains....... What would your Team Canada(Or USA for the American Fans) look like in 2010?
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i think getzlaf will be in over gagne. getzlaf-heatley-nash absolutely ripped it up in the last world championship. if they do the same this offseason dont be surprised to see them as a unit at the olympics
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Good team but to nit pick I would think Getzlaf over Savard, and maybe Carter, Toews or E. Staal over St.Louis as I think we should be grooming a few more younger guys on the front end.On D put Regehr in for Phaneuf unless Phaneufs play picks up, Also Boyle has to fit somewhere????And in net I would take Turco out and insert either S Mason or Price just to get another young guy ready. If you look at the Goaltending you have now likely only Luongo will be at the 2014 games so you need to start grooming younger palyers.All in all this team should win with any combination of players as there is soo much depth............
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Yeah, One of the thing I tried to accomplish was to have interchangable parts with the exception of the third line. I just got a feeling Savard feeding snipers like Gagne(Who would also work the PK) and St.Louis would just fill the net against other teams thrid lines. Also yes, I think I should have put Mason instead of Turco and maybe Getzlav as a 13th forward to play against bigger teams, and Boyle as a interchangable 7th D-man. Really, it's hard to mis,hahaha.
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Who is Captain? I'd say with Sakic out Iggy is Captain. Thoughts?
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Definitely Iggy as captain if Doan and Morrow are there they will have the A's and maybe Pronger with an A? This may be a little bias but I dont think there is a better captain than Iginla right now.
February 24, 2009 4:59 PM ET | Delete
I am all about giving Iggy the C. There is nothing bias about that, he should be the clear cut favorite, there is nothing he won't do for his teamates and he pretty much exemplifies what it means to be a Canadian hockey player. Grace,Grit,respect,Skill and leadership. Give Doan and Niedermayer the A's. It's good to have a A on the back end.
February 25, 2009 11:12 AM ET | Delete
Iginla is not a bad pick, but I would chose S Nidermayer over him (if Sakic is not in). Iginla has never won the cup. Nidermayer won everything that you can win in hockey and if he is in Vancouver, pretty sure he will be the captain.By the way, M Savard totally deserve to go, but hockey Canada doesn't seem to like him. Maybe it will change with Yzerman...
February 27, 2009 1:07 AM ET | Delete
I agree with most the other comments. I would not put St. Louis on the team. I would go with Spezza before him at this moment, but would like to see some more youth on the team..like a getzlaf or jeff carter.
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