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Draft Day.

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The NHL Entry Draft will soon be upon us and the Blues are looking to have another strong draft weekend.

The Blues have an amazing prospect cool, but it could stand to get better. After take the time to analyze team needs and prospects that could be available at the given times the team will be selecting players.

Round one: Given Jarmo's track record with late 1st round picks, I think it would be highly in our favor to trade down (Oshie 24th/Berglund 25th/Perron 26th). The Islanders hold the 26th overall pick and the 31st overall pick, trading our 17th overall would likely be enough to swing both of those picks, but if not then we have spare parts to complete the deal: Schwarz's rights, Cundari, Bariball, or Lemtyugov.

With the 26th overall pick Zach Budish will likely be available. At 6'3", 225 this kids has the size needed to be a solid NHL power forward.

With the 31st overall pick Louis Leblanc would be a steal. A kid with a good frame and great skill would be a nice compliment for a team that could stand to use a scoring, imaginative player.

With the 48th round pick Mikko Koskinen, a blue chip goaltending prospect, looks to be available. At 6'5" or 7" and reflexes like a cat Mikko would be a great goaltending project to accompany Bishop in the minors.

My Round 3 projection for the Blues is Brendan Rempel. Standing at 6'3" 195 this is a promising third round pick. With his size and defensive vision this could be a player that helps solidify the future of the Blue line

Round 4 projection gives the blues another big bodied blue chip blueliner in the form of Matthew Cook. This player jumped leaps and bounds within his ability this year and looks like a player that may have a solid future in the NHL

Round 5 players start to get foggy on potential and nhl likelihood, but a player that would be a good project and likely available is Andrej Nestrasil. A prospect with a nice scoring touch, size, and speed, I think, yes.

Round 6: Pending any trades made this will be the Blues' last pick of the 2009 draft. Can a late round gym be picked up? Who could be the next Zetterberg? I believe a player that could surprise the league is the German: Daniel Weiss. at 6'3 196 pounds this is another big bodied forward who has hands, is strong in his skates and has great vision on the ice. This player would happily come over and prove his worth through the ECHL and the AHL before getting his shot at the AHL.

Draft Recap: F. Zach Budish, F. Louis Leblanc, G. Mikko Koskinen, D. Brendan Rempel, D. Matt Cook, F. Andrej Nestrasil, and F. Daniel Weiss.

A pretty Solid draft top to bottom. A few strong candidates for NHL regulars and a handful of projects that could pan out.

Draft Day will be an exciting one!
June 16, 2009 9:03 PM ET | Delete
maybe 37 and 26 but not 31 and 26
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