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"Go Leafs Go!!"
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I'm Back Baby

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After a long hiatus due to user name and password issues, I am back and I have a beef.
How in the name of Gary Bettman can he have the player ted for the lead league in goals as a write in candidate for the NHL All-Star game. Jeff Carter is having a monster year and has barely any All-Star votes in comparison with your "superstars" of the league. I know he will be added to the roster by the East coach, but what is happening in the voting is a complete lack of respect to both Jeff Carter and the Flyers organization.

Ok. On to the Red Wings. Watched them defeat Calgary tonight on the NHL Network. All I have to say is wow. There is no way this team does not win the Cup this year unless they hit a rash of injuries or the goaltending completely fails. The Red Wings come and the come in waves. The 4rth liners have skill. Just an amazing and fun team to watch.

To Sean Avery:
SSSHHHHH! Play hard, keep your head down and skate. Worked for Jonesy, will work for you.
Good luck in the AHL, I am sure you will be called up after the trade deadline. Be a good soldier and respect yourself, your teammates and the league. I am not a fan, but I like the feistiness with with you play. You are at your best when jabbering at your opponents, but you need to now rely on your skill.

For you old fans of the simulcast(radio and TV with the same announcers),
Let's go Flyers and let's go Gene Hart!
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December 13, 2008 1:35 AM ET | Delete
January 1, 2009 will be a date in which a professional sport is overshadowed by the venue it is being played in. Detroit Red Wings at Chicago BlackHawks should be a game for the ages. Instead it will be a celebration of all things Wrigley instead of a celebration of the roots of the greatest game on Earth. The game could have been played at so many more worthy stadiums. Soldier Field, The Big House just to name two. Instead of showing how hockey fans will pack a 70,000 seat plus Football Stadium, the NHL powers that be decide on a tiny little ballpark with a 100 year tradition of losing. The only good thing about this game is long suffering Cub fans can get into Wrigley after October. Wrigley! Of all places n the planet. I feel bad for the people in the first 20 rows who will not be able to see the puck over the boards. Just a bad idea. What's next, Rangers vs. Bruins at Fenway. Gentleman, celebrate the game and its traditions on this annual event and leave the venue as a place where hockey fans can enjoy, get re-united with or discover this amazing game. My vote for the January 1 2010 Winter Classic is Flyers vs. Penguins in Happy Valley. 100,000 Pennsylvanians packing Beaver Stadium would be an awesome sight for fans from sea to shining sea. What's next
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