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Somewhere, amid my day, I forgot to upkeep my petulant and crabby laptop. It's been screaming for a drive cleaning. So live blogging is out tonight as my laptop stutters like a 1970's Volkswagen.

Instead, we can chat about all the craziness that has gone on. Between the 30 games earned by Chris Simon to now word...confirmed by the Isles...that their blue chipper, Kyle Okposo, after the World Juniors, will be joining them.

Ok, I just watched an AWFUL goal let in by DP. First shot by Buffalo fluttered like my hard drive, and into the net. This is especially frustrating after the Isles killing off a penalty vs Bergie and keeping the puck mostly in Buffalo's zone.

1-0 Buffalo. Roy has the tally. Somewhere, I can hear Garth laughing at me. Stop laughing, you cad!

Most interesting thing from the Okposo news was that press release by Minnesota, accusing the Isles of putting Kyle in a tough spot to choose them or the Isles. Something seems a bit strange there, and I will look more into that.

Isles have 4 shots to the Sabre's 1. Except for Roy's goal, the Isles have pressed much more.

Berard and MAB are sitting this game. Freddie Meyer is paired with Sutton. The defensive shell game continues.

System Mechanic is slewing through my index files like the Isles PP in November. Ugh.

Amazing thing about Ryan Miller. He always makes it look easy. DP is a bit more fancy, especially with the catching glove. Ryan Miller has this laidback ease about him.

System Mechanic just sent me to Atlantic Avenue. Do not pass Go or collect $200.

For those wondering where Okposo belongs, I remind them who is coach here. A plethora of youth all sit at Bridgeport because Nolan trust vets, and he wants youth to outplay them to get a spot. So, somehow Okposo gets a red carpet to a line???? I don't see it. I see him at Bridgeport to be assessed and developed by Isles who might have been frustrated by Minnesota's work this season.

Isles with the PP. Tallinder in the box.

Isles with 14 shots to the Sabres 5. Last minute to 1st period winding down.

Two youngins are sucking face right in front of me. The boy has a Steve Webb jersey. It is disconcerting because the sucking sound mimics my laptop which is now checking for spyware.

Spacek with a tripping call. Before that, Isles were pressing Buffalo once again. Despite being 1 goal down, the Isles have really taken to the Sabres. Unfortunately, one min into the PP, and it is rather shoddy with the puck not staying in Buffalo's zone for very long. PP ends with not much done. But 5 on 5 has the Isles back in Buffalo's zone.

Fans not happy with a non-call.

Miller just giving The Isles N O T H I N G. That said, only one guy is getting free at a time. So the Isles are failing to really stretching out the Buffalo D or Miller with good angles. Instead, they seem to go one at a time, allowing Miller lots of time to be in position and no extra Isles forward to pick up a puck by causing havoc in front of the net.

I just went halfway around the coliseum in search of a knish. The Kosher Hotdog stand comes through.

5 min left in the 2nd, Isles have 25 shots to Buffalo's 10.

Martinek with a holding call.

Some crazy woman is in front of my two blog box compatriots: Tom Liodice and Dee Karl. She's talking to seemingly, nobody.

Isles had some real good chances at the end of the period. And some chippiness also. Yet, with 27 shots, Miller and the Sabres D are keeping them off the scoreboard.

2nd period ends. My laptop has finally started to act more normal. Just needed to Liquid Draino.

Knish hit the spot. Much better than those Nachos Grande.

Some loser is screaming his throat raw for a shirt right above me. Kids. Sigh. Makes me appreciate Mr. Hand more and more these days.

We open the 3rd with notification that Witt got a cross-checking penalty at the end of the 2nd.

Isles on the PK. Isles kill PK.

Witt with the goal. That's right. Witt. Assists by Martinek and Satan.

Right after, Buffalo with a high-stick. Tallinder in the box again.

12:53 left. Guerin goes in the box for Interference. Isles on PK.

Isles kill it off. Some anxious moments with Ricky in goal there. Buffalo now with a penalty. Ref's mic sounds like he's chewing cardboard as he attempts to announce the penalty. "Tripping" sounded a lot like "Can I massage your grandmother?".

Can the Isles take advantage and get to Miller before they hit 6o shots on goal? Will the Buffalo D buckle? Will that lady who is now offering us french fries shut up? She'd be better off eating them. She looks a little like Lindsey Lohan after a anti-Richard Pound rally.

System Mechanic just turned on again and told me I was being rude. That and I need a RAM defrag.

Coming up on 5 min left. Time to pack up, kids. We'll see what happens on TV. I'll wrap up later.

Buffalo scores as Witt breaks a stick, Hunter hands him his, but with Hunter without a stick, Maxim gets free and sends the puck home, past Ricky.

Isles outshot the Sabres 43 to 17. Ryan Miller put on a clinic.

Coach Nolan cited that the Isles got called on slashes, yet Buffalo did not for what he felt was a comparable amount. Also brought up how when high sticks happen, some Buffalo players went down like they were "shot" despite it just hitting the visor.

Isles just not getting the breaks, but felt the effort was there, and its more important, especially in lieu of the last few games where effort wasn't there. When someone cited: "Well, you had the shots, but how many were quality scoring chances?" Nolan complained that if it's not one thing, then it's another. Everyone looks to cite something. If the Isles have the shots, then its about quality scoring chances. Other times, its about getting the shots. And so on.

I thought that byplay was interesting in that, yes, the Isles had scoring chances, but there was almost a one guy at a time, element to the offense. Never did I see in this game other players getting free, causing havoc, and an attempt to disrupt Miller. It almost seemed to fit Miller's game instead, except for Witt's goal. Yes, the Isles did get the shots. It's important to keep that and build on it. Perhaps Nolan is staving off the complaints to keep those steps clean. But the Isles must go up those steps to progress, and to win games.

Captain Bill Guerin agreed. His statements were also to that effect to my internal opinion. That working hard is nice, but it is results that matter.

Results. This holiday season, to compensate for a November and early December trials and tribulations, some results must come home. The team hits the road to Pittsburgh for a game on Friday, then back at home on Saturday against the Capital.

This is my last live game until the new year.
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