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So here we are on a gray, dreary, snowy eve. Or as they call it in Buffalo and Toronto . . . Tuesday.

"One game at a time"
- Ted Nolan

Ted is being interviewed for a pregame where he is talking about the good things in the last two games. And no matter the doom and gloom, they have played far better the last two. The pressure is on tonight. The coliseum, probably partly due to the fact of the weather, besides the fact that lately some have disappeared from the seats with some losses.

I see a lot touting supporting the Lighthouse Project. Great, and we've talked about LILighthouse.com who evidently were doing a cyber-Tuesday. Sadly, nobody let me know, otherwise, I'd have added the info. So, go to the site and check it out. BUT, besides supporting through LILighthouse and other organizations, the BIGGEST way to show support is to have your fanny in a seat.

And since the losing ways, those seats lie far too empty.

Any team has it's set of fair-weather fans. Those who only come out when the going is good. Then there are those who take it personally, and just can't coming to the games when they are losing because they feel it so succinctly. But, these mid-week games have just to sparse a crowd.

TheMetalChick, on the HFBoards.com, put up an excellent piece of work talking about how many games the Isles really need to win. If they continue at .500, they'll only get 81 pts. Problem is, it will take AT LEAST 90pts to really snag a spot. But anyway, read it for yourself. http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=476812

Martinek just got a penalty for "closing his hand on the puck".

If you have noticed, I might not be doing a play-by-play tonight. After all, we are all watching the same thing. So expect commentary and meandering thoughts, observation and my usual half-baked attempt at wit.

Isles kill it off. If anything has gone right this season, it has been the PK. Chabot has been doing a bang-up job with the PK this season.

Game is a bit chippy. These teams have seen one another often enough. Both need this game to offset losing streaks. Might be the type of game that has some fists and fury, and some banging hits.

The place might be tad too empty, but a lot of Blog Boxers are here. Tom Liodice and Mike Gasparino are both doing Live blogs on their laptops, as well.

Witt with a tripping penalty.

Isles PK to the rescue once again. Isles lead in shots 10-9.

Witt's favorite band is Jack Johnson? Who knew. That sly wussycat. I need to mail him a Vermont Teddy Bear. The big softie.

At 2:18, finally a goal. And, it's OURS! Isles forwards pressing on Philly finally pays off. Isles also generated 4 more shots to Philly's 0 since our last shot update. And we all know shots lead to goals.

Trent Hunter gets the goal. Assists by Feds and Vasicek. This line continues to click.

17 shots to Philly's 11. A good way to come out. The 1st period ends.

. . .

So, I wander the halls and search for some Good Eats. But if Alton Brown was every to traverse the Coliseum, he'd be horrified. I choose the Sushi Lady with a shrimp and crab combination that might wish I went to Davy Jones locker.

I miss Philly's goal. And DP's save on the breakaway (saw it on the TV). But return to my seat to watch Jeff Tambellini score a goal. Crowd looks a touch better now. They were certainly loud for that one.

Philly clanks one off the post. Isles lead in shots 20-16.

25-16 now. Isles have pressed quite a bit.

And, shockingly, the sushi is pretty damn good.

Isles with a breakaway and a terrific goal as the Philly dman attempts to tie him up. 3-1 now with a great play by Sean Bergenheim. Assist to Trent Hunter.

Comeau with a holding penalty.

During this PK I'd like to share with you a discussion about Entenmann's. A driver for them spied by small wrapper to my snack (my wife isn't reading, right?). The driver went on to say that they don't even bother making them locally anymore. They are shipped from Canada or anywhere that will be cheap labor. Which is why they cut the Bayshore plant in Suffolk county. They don't want to pay the taxes and employees here. A sad state of affairs to those who are now put out of work.

Interesting dilemma, and goes to show you don't quite know all that you are eating and what goes on behind the scenes. I have noticed a dropoff in quality in the chocolate cookie. And my portly tummy does make me an expert. So it starts to make a lot of sense. Coincidence? I think not.

Isles kill off the penalty and I talk cookies to end off the 2nd period.

. . .

They are doing a fashion show as part of a Hockey and Heels night. The players wives come out sporting some fashions.

Ok, 3rd starts. Philly almost passes one by the Rick. Not a good way to start. Isles need to get some space between them and the Flyers on the scoreboard. One goal ain't enough.

Bergie with a Interference call.

Isles kill off another penalty. They also lead in shots 35-23. 11 minutes left to a must-win game.

DP with a lovely snag of the puck with his catching glove to catch a break as the Flyers are buzzing around.

Some Philly punk with bad tattoos and 11pm shadow on his chin is drinking Bud and mixing it up with some longtime Islander fan. Not the usual banter.

Philly rings one off the post again. Isle fans clutch their chest once again.

Isles head down the ice and go to work. And it pays off. Fedotenko with a BIG tally. Philly makes us fear the reaper once again as they score on the PP. Great play by Richard Park to get the puck out of the zone. You just cannot say enough about this guy. He's 12 of 14 on the faceoff tonight.

Minor Note: Kip Brennan was suspended for 15 games.
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Yep, only very few items are being made in the Bay shore plant now. Shame for sure. And I only found out about the Lighthouse rally by reading Islesblogger.com. Wonder how it did. Good to see you B.D.
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