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Two men enter. One man leaves.

Two bloggers from opposite sides of the hockey rivalry sit in the same box. And share the same questionable DNA. Yes, it can only be the Gallofs.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Well, here we are. Scott follows me like a puppy through the throng of people. I await one of my fellow blog boxers to shank my poor hapless Ranger fan of a brother as if fresh meat to HBO's Oz.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Well, here I am... in the belly of the beast, The Nassau Mausoleum. I have to remember to come back here some day for some NY Dragon tickets, now that's a team! Looking around the seats I think I see tad more red, white and blue jerseys. But, maybe thats just my eye sight, I'm sure the Fishstick faithful will be coming to fill this place. Mmm Fishsticks.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Be careful, brother of mine. Sparky hears that, and he'll turn you into a fine paste. That or the other blog boxers. The mean streets of Uniondale have made the fans and bloggers tough. Not soft mushy paperweights like you Ranger fans.

Jaffe has started with his pre-game analysis. He catches a mistake on the video board. The Isles have owned the Rangers 4-1, not 3-1 as it says.

Henrik vs Dubie. Set in stone now. DP must be chewing his pads.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Looks like Christian Backman will still be on the blue line as Jason Strudwick was announced as a healthy scratch. As my esteemed heathen colleague just announced it will be Wade Dubie Dubie Doo in the net. It was reported that the Rangers had the league check into the size of his goalie pads, but the only thing anyone should check on him is if he meets the height requirement to get on a rollercoaster.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Isles come out to cheers. Even Scott is cheering. Oh wait, he is cheering the giant Disco Ball that is spinning under the scoreboard at centerice. Ranger fans simply don't know how to boogie.

A lot of Ranger fans in the place tonight, not counting the presence of my sibling who sits beside me. DP goes onto the ice, and onto the bench. An uncommon sight, to be sure. Is he in a doghouse? Is he not himself? Is he not 100%? Not that anyone would hide an injury, but there has to be a good reason he's stuck on the bench playing hide the salami. This mystery will be uncovered eventually. Two Gallof's in one building have a mission.

During the Star Spangled Banner, there is the usual "Ranger's suck!" catcall. A tear can be seen going down Scott's face, much like the Indian in the littering commercial in the 1970s.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

You know it's pretty typical that my brother is standing here typing during the national anthem. He should be fined, suspended and deported immediately.

Forget that!

And the Ranger fans are doing their own version of the Garden goal song. Good start for the blueshirts.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Well, not a good start. But crowd is very hot tonight. Isles aren't so far. Rangers are all over them. Scott with the accurate observation that the Ranger's are doing a good forecheck. It keeps the Isles on their heels and unable to breakout with anything.

Davison with a bit of trouble getting the puck. Isles D needs to be sharp and weather the storm. 5-1 NYR leads in the shot tally as the action finally pauses for a moment.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Rangers really seem to moving into the offensive zone very well. Nigel Dawes has had a few opportunities and that last shift with Dubinsky, Jagr and Avery cycling the puck in the zone very well getting some good chances early on ole Dubie.

The Islanders this last shift have been finally getting on the offensive with their own forecheck, but Lundqvist is keeping them scoreless. BD points out the four shots in a row The Islanders just put on net.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Davison looking a bit unmanned out there. Too many times, unable to take his man or keep possession of the puck. It leads to a hair-standing two man on Dubie that somehow does not go in. Isles lead in shots, but Ranger's still lead in chance 7-6. Shanny with a Hooking penalty. Of course, for us Isle fans, we know this can be as nail-biting as a PK.

I have been trying to decide if the SH goals against is the by-product of gaps in the PP setups or simply the players and mental mistakes. I think it is all three, leading into a Bermuda Triangle that must change. Speaking of which, Isles had a two on one that luckily got broken up before it became another one of these banes.

It's another stretch of constant play. Always good hockey to see tons of people unable to get in their seat. But now, all the Ranger fans are out of their seat as they tally another nail into Isles fans hearts.


Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Dear Glen Sather,

Resign Sean Avery, pronto.

Scott Gallof

After a cute "Avery Sucks" chant from the 337 section as they announced the goal, the Islander portion of the crowd has quieted some. With 5 minutes and change left to the first period the shots are tied at 8, but The Rangers have the two goals. Action starts up again after a brief Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" interlude.

Game has slowed down some with multiple stoppages.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Isles defense has not gotten the job done tonight. Rangers got a 3-2 that mercifully went off a post. Lineman missed a clear offsides call, even Scott saw it. And instead, a few moments later Aaron Johnson takes a hooking penalty.

Scott says we almost "pulled an Islanders" as we have a shot on the PK on Lundqvist. Smart ass.

Rangers forwards are like daggers into the Isles defensive zone. Dubie makes a great save OR Ranger's missed the net. Got a bit crowded to see.

Meyer doing a good job fighting the Rangers for position and they get the puck out, 1st period now down to 7.2 seconds. One wonders if Nolan will breathe fire between periods.


Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

You know now that I see Sparky the Dragon up close, I take every bad thing I ever said about him back. I just want to go down there and give him a great big hug. My god we are being assaulted by air shot t-shirts. They must know I am here! Must be a camera in that giant RE/Max hot air balloon, which happens to resemble Martin Brodeur's paunch.

Ouch. I just received a flying elbow from B.D., it was regards from Tampa Bay's own Jon Jordon. Thanks Jon, I'll be sure to tell a certain Sean Avery you said hi.

2nd period begins.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Another nonstop run. Both teams have chances. Malik gets caught for a penalty. Both of us missed what he got called for. Rozsival gets a delay of game call. Isles have a 5 on 3 for 51 seconds.

So, which Ranger will go up the ice and have a shot on Dubie???


Scott calls Drury.

Ranger's keep clearing the puck, wasting the 5 on 3.

Isles miss a tic tac toe set PP play. But not a bad try. Ranger clear again. Drury gets the clear.

Isles ice the puck.

Rangers get a shot off in their PK. Then they kill off the rest of it. Isles lead in shots 16-13, but still down by 2.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Whew, some clutch penalty killing by The Rangers there. Namely Chris Drury who was excellent on that penalty kill.

And just like that Sean Bergenheim launches a shot from the top of the face off circle and slips past Lundqvist making the score 2-1.

Figures B.D. went off to call his wife and missed the goal. Ha ha.

That goal burst some life into The Islanders and they have been now pressing the action.

Sean Avery gets called for a highstick and it couldn't come at a worse time...

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Some child defect, clearly a Ranger fan, dropped beer on my chair and jacket. I see Bergie gets another, and much needed. Is the tide turning? Will I take a swing at the morons behind us?

Isles getting chances now. But still need to dig themselves out for the equalizer. Park loses the handle on the puck and premo chance wasted. Don't know about you, but Park seems to have fallen to earth lately.

The Malik fanclub seems to be here in full force.

Davison gets a tripping call. Not a good way to end off a period giving the Ranger's a chance when good strides were made.

They hold NYR barely in the final seconds.

Period 2 over. Overall, a good step forward. Isles lead in shots, 26 to 17.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

I'm being assaulted, and by fellow Ranger fans! As a t-shirt hurtled just over my head a Ranger fan accidentally whacked me in the head... I believe the same people who spilt the beer. The Islander Blog Box is not for the faint of heart.

The Rangers after a not so great period for them came very close to scoring in the final seconds on the power play. But for most of the period the passing lanes into the offensive zone have closed up some since the first period and the Rangers were having difficulty poking through.

Btw, The Ranger fan that whacked me in the head wants the blog world to know "He know that The Rangers are going to win!" Here's to hoping he is right.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

I just noticed that Scott likes to write: The Rangers. Capitalizing <b>The</b> even when in the middle of a sentence. Let's do a quiz and find out how many times Scott took English 102 in college????

Winner gets a mention in the Live blog! Or, we scream your name as we belt the overbearing Ranger fans behind us.

((jeopardy theme plays))

Fans fave NYR/NYI moment by a whopping 87% is the DP fight in '07, when he rearranged Montoya's mug. My fave is Dennis Potvin's wishbone break of Ulf Nilsson's leg back on February 25, 1979.

Of course, karma is a female dog. Ranger's score. Ranger fans are all hot and heavy, like Dom Deluise at a Hostess Cupcake factory.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

The Rangers lead 3-1.

They scored on a gorgeous shot by Marc Staal from the blue line. The Rangers with new vigor attack THE Islanders' zone, Jagr makes a good shot from the slot but Dubie makes the glove save.

The Rangers are a swarming. The Rangers now have started to make up in shots as its 24-21 in favor of The Islanders.

Oh, by the way... my favorite Rangers/Islanders moment is when Dan Cloutier pummeled Salo into a paste and then taunted the entire Isles bench. For some reason that wasn't on the multiple choice on The Islander's titantron.

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Now that is completely unnecessary. Not many people know this. But Tommy Salo filled out a Conscientious Objector card for that fight. Which is why he was shipped off so the Isles could wallow in sub-mediocrity in the Milbury days due to his horrific inability to assess talent and potential.

Vasicek with a bad penalty. 2 minutes for slashing. Isles are ebbing.

Shots are tied, calls Scott. I punch him in the jaw.

Take that, brother o' mine!

Isles shelling out some hits. And they lead in this for the game. But talent, skill and heart talks when teams are vying for a playoff spot. Rangers almost score twice on Dubie. Somehow they escape unscathed. Not for nothing, but Dubie has not given Isles fan a feelgood vibe. But that poor defense in the 1st is why they sit in a hole.

Scott Gallof, <i>NY Rangers Blogger:

Some real close calls. The excitement is building with just about 8 minutes left. This might be my last entry here as B.D. likes to get packed up and ready to head down to the press area with about 5 minutes to go.

So if the Rangers do get the win here, I will say, "This was a big 2 points to take here and going with Lundqvist tonight over Vally was the right move."

If the ship sinks in the last few minutes I will say "Damn... it was a fix!"

B.D. Gallof, NY Islanders Blogger:

Somehow I doubt the Isles will dig this one out. Really not one of their better games. They dished out the hits, though. Defense collapsed like a Lindsey Lohan movie around Dubie. And Dubie just ain't DP to offset some gaffes and the Rangers forecheck. Viva la difference.

We'll be heading down to the lockeroom soon. Catch the live blog on some observations on that. Catch Scott's blog tomorrow to talk about his experience.

Trivia Winner: jsr1034, our Isles poster, with the correct guess. 4. Scott took English 102 4...4...4 times.

Post Game: The pressure is on

"They took it to us in that first period. We just need a better effort. We just didn't do it in the first period. We did it a little bit in the second, but in the third we didn't do it again."
- Ted Nolan

Scott felt Nolan was a bit nonchalant. I felt he was hiding his unhappiness and frustration. He certainly doesn't look happy. Maybe what was missing was the white-hot outrage, where his team did not give their all or come ready for a toe to toe fight they knew the game was going to be.

Certainly, Ted Nolan himself is feeling the urgency. Who, in his second year on the Island of his three year deal, had a team who they purposely replaced certain guys, took steps backward. If we hearken back to reports over the summer, Snow and Nolan worked together to bring in key personnel. Of course, at this time, Isle fans were panicked as they watched everyone walk away in free agency and as big names landed elsewhere.

So one has to ask, is the team really feeling the urgency. As this season seems to be winding down with a sense of frustration which was marked with Bill Guerin's succinct display:

"It's awful . . .just &*@!!!&@ awful!"

Damn straight.

So as we see Snow make some key decisions and pushing for the kids to play, we see Nolan making his own statement by sitting Ricky. The coach decides who goes on the ice. And rather than be some tit for tat battle as the fans who look for the barest glimmer of drama. It might be Nolan's ploy to really get The Rick back to his senses and playing with focus. This team's success, with all its holes, is with DP. Any run will live or die with DP. So, giving him a rest and getting him hot MIGHT be the only way to get things going at a shot at the playoffs.

But so many things are just not working right now. And when the other team comes out wanting it more, the defense, which was never very stout, just folds in, leaving the goalie all by himself to stem the tide. We've all said it from the start of the season, that the defense really is lacking. And you can bring in 9, 10, 12 or 20 players, but talent, skill and heart wins these games and makes the difference. Some might have the desire and some, the skill. But there is still a severe lack of top-flight play. Meyer, Martinek and Witt are good solid guys. But this team still screams for a #1 and even #2 dman. Campoli being injured certainly hurts, but he isn't a top guy either. Just progressing nicely. And don't try to sell me that a #1 or #2 are somehow "in the system". Maybe a gem or solid guy in there somewhere. But this team needs a Dennis Potvin. A Kenny Johnsson. They need to cultivate a top defensive prospect. They need a good free agent. They need to really take a good hard look at themselves and stop thinking this ragtag slab of swiss cheese is the answer. Stop accepting mediocrity. Fans won't accept being told this is a Stanley Cup caliber team, which are the words that came our of Charles Wang's mouth during yesterday's WFAN interview.


And don't get me started on the Powerplay. Coaching, players and schemes really need to be reassessed.

The only good working element on the Isles is the PK, besides the goaltending position.

The Isles have a daunting task ahead of them, and even by some miracle they do make it, this is not a team that is working on all cylinders. And even the cylinders need some looking into and reassessment.

It is these times that a team really finds out who they are. There are no excuses anymore. They either walk the talk, or walk to an offseason tee-time. Who are the NY Islanders? One game, they can play with the best of them. Another one, they take a beating and turtle. Another, they do a bit of both. 2 out of 3 is the play of a losing team. The Jekyll and Hyde attributes of this team are still coming to the table. They took one nicely. They fell apart in the other. .500 will not get a spot to a playoff dance.

Tough times for the Isles ahead. The Rangers, meanwhile, leap forward and are competing for a playoff spot.

- BD
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Now THAT was highly entertaining. Thank you.
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i can only imagine the verse that would be on these pages had you not had to share the computer...Thanks for stopping by.
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