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Isles will be doing their training camp once again in Moncton later this summer.

Of course, this year will be without their favorite adopted son, Ted Nolan, who led their Moncton Wildcats before his 2 year stint with the Isles. Nolan has some saying will one day likely return there after being paid off this year.

The Isles sans-Nolan will be interesting for ticket sales up there. But ticket sales isn't the Isles problem for once. All they need to do is have a good camp and somehow find more offense than last year's dropoff, but with less proven offensive weapons.

Personally, I think selling tickets might be easier.

Coaches Cornered?

Newsday's Greg Logan has been pounding the pavement on Isles happening since well before the coach firing. He continues with his usual aplomb keeping us apprised of who's been interviewing the Isles. So far Garth has met with Paul Maurice and Bob Hartley. Next, according to Logan, is John Tortorella.

He'd certainly be an fun interview, just ask NY Post's Larry Brooks.

To me, as I've said before, he's a bad fit. Great coach. Passionate. He's also the master of his own destiny. A great guy for a team to get over that hump for a team emerging. Not a team who is decimated and replenishing.

Torts is the kind of guy who can make demands and get it. Snow who just got himself his own powerbase will not give that up so quickly and on such still wet concrete. Not a chance. So this is more for Snow to glean someone's philosophy and hockey sense. That Johnny has in spades.

Joel Quenneville is the favorite choice of those who are sports nerds or reporters. The guy who seems the best "on paper" to lead the Isles. He also has the best track record for it.

Paul Maurice might be best for both the ability to deal with kids and also have a good rapport with Snow. Best bet due to both attributes. Our own Andy Strickland reports the Isles were happy with his interview. Then again, he is the dreaded "first interview". So, the opinion really doesn't matter much yet.

Bob Hartley has the "friend of Snow" advantage, but not much in terms of proven development. I am less warm and fuzzy on Bob for the position.

Scott Gordon is the dark horse in all of this. He's led the Providence Bruins in the AHL to 4 consecutive winning seasons. Gordon was awarded the 2008 Louis A. R. Pieri Memorial Award, as coach of the year in the AHL.

Gerard "Turk" Gallant was the Isles assistant coach in charge of the very maligned powerplay. Undercurrents post-Nolan is that the PP might have been Nolan's fault for not adjusting or changing poorly. Which I don't buy. Sounds a lot like some spin to what was one of the worst in the league. Gallant might have the track record of assisting on a losing team, the pre-Hitchcock Bluejackets, but I am not convinced that he is Non Mea Cupla for a powerplay that had fans preferring us being on the PK. The poorest choice of the lot of coaches.

Et 2-Mill Bruno?

Bruno Gervais signed a 3 year one-way deal worth 2.1 million dollars, per Logan's On The Isles Beat blog.

Isles Illustrated

The Islanders' in-house TV show with host Shawna Ryan will re-run on MSG+ six times this week, beginning tonight at 10:00 PM. It includes an exclusive one-on-one with Josh Bailey; Mic'ed up with Guerin and Weight, and more.

- BD
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July 25, 2008 4:21 PM ET | Delete
don't know if he will be interviewed but i would like to see Joel Quennville become their coach...NOT Torts or Hartley
July 27, 2008 9:26 PM ET | Delete
Nolan will be going back to coaching junior I believe Torts will be the coach not Hartley
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