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Another week has come and gone and the New Jersey Devils are business as usual. Of course the week started promising with another hearty round of rumor mongering and speculation gone wild. Ultimately leading to the surprising removal of the giant white elephant in the locker room in the form of an inflated Brian Rolston contract, perhaps the worst in franchise history.

The New York Islanders desperation and the patience of Lou Lamoriello finally paid off. Many, including myself believed the additional cap room meant that extending Zach parise was not far behind. It looked like a forgone conclusion that Lou Lamoriello was finally on the verge of dusting off the old vocal chords to triumphantly announce the much anticipated re-signing of his prized restricted free agent.

Instead we were all force fed a big fat piece of nothing pie in the form of a one year extension. Thus leaving the door open for another healthy round of "Parise is done in Jersey" speculation.

It has become nearly impossible to block out the steadily increasing sounds of fans everywhere anxiously tapping their toes in frustration, growing more and more impatient with ever tick of the clock that passes towards July 1, 2012.

If Parise is allowed to walk away from the Devils as an unrestricted free agent, it will become a day that will live in infamy for New Jersey.

I however take solace in the knowledge that Lamoriello is the man pulling all the strings. I implore all thee nay sayers to remain steadfast and trust in the great and wise GM of Jersey. For it is he that ultimately knows what’s best for the Devils. Take solace in the fact that when he finally works out a long-term agreement (and he will) with the future captain, it will be both satisfying, fulfilling and well worth the wait.

In the meantime enjoy how Mr. Lamoriello systematically addresses many of the concerns plaguing our beloved team. Enjoy being surprised in a manner none of us could have imagined. That really is one of the best parts of being a Devils fan, you never really know what's going to happen next. (i.e. Kovalchuk)

As we steamroll towards training camp please remain vigilant and confident because we do have a true wizard working for us behind the scenes and sometimes it’s just better to remain "status quo" and just go with the flow.
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