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"Flyers and NHL Notes"
Great game tonight by the Flyers. All played well. Biron is showing the form from last season's playoffs. I am not sure why, but the team plays much more as a cohesive unit without Danny this year. It makes no sense.

Now my beef tonight is the fighting in the NHL. I love a good fight however there are two types of fights that I hate and they both occurred tonight. The first was after a good, hard, clean hit. I do not understand why a fight that is INSTIGATED by a 3rd player after a clean hit is not penalized with an additional 2 minutes. If they started calling the games that way, this would stop quickly! The 2nd type of fight is the staged fight between two players as soon as the puck is dropped. These fights should be penalized with an additional 10 minutes to stop this type of non-hockey staged fights. These two types of fights are ruining the game and will allow the non fight advocates to stop all fights in the game.

I don't want to hear that I am against fighting, I love it! But, the fight must be a spontaneous result of the action within the game not a preconceived action between goons or a retaliation for a good clean hockey play!
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Ugh, I hate this thing! I just wrote like a 3 paragraph diatribe and it didn't show up after I pressed Post Message. Sorry, but I'm not re-typing the whole thing.
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