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The season has ended for the Thrashers, with most fans going home dissapointed once again. Some things did improve, but a lot more things stayed broken and I'm here to help good ol' DW out. I'm going to go through the three positions (forward, defense, goalie) and review them, with some other little tid bits as well. So hang on for the ride as this is the first ever Thrashers post - season review!

Forwards: The Thrashers top six did do good this year with Kovy holding the reings and I mean, think about this. The Thrashers went from 22nd last year, to 9th this year in goals for. Like, it just shows how much this team is coming along. Slava is rocking, Little is doing is think and Kovy, well he's becoming Atlanta's superstar! If anyone was to take credit for the forwards' sucess it'd actually have to be Slava. And who do I expect more of next year? Colby Armstrong, if he is signed for another few years which will probably happen.

Defense: This is still the place we need to get better. We're 2nd to last in t5he league, and yeah, you can say Kari was away and all that but the Thrashers defense still should've been able to carry at least most of the load. I'm not saying guys like Toby didn't perform well, but he was the offensive defenseman and the guys who are supposed to be the defensive defenseman were not looking like on this season. The guy I did see contribute well on the D was the rookie Bogosian. He was silent, but deadly on defense. I expect more out of Garnet Exelby to be honest.

Goalie: Are goalies are good, but health is the problem here. You can't expect "Moose" to stop everything and be winning game after game, and you definitely can't put the pressure on Ondrej Pavelec. It's going to be the most interesting story as of late, but I really don't think Ondrej's mature enough to be even a backup so in my opinion, we need to keep the two men we went into the lineup with. So yeah, this spot is ok, and if Kari can stay healthy, we'll be fine. I think I speak for all of Thrashers nation when I say that I expect more from Ondrej in training camp and preseason.

Yeah, I know it's not the biggest blog in the world but it's all three positions in a nutshell. Now, it's your turn! What position needs the most help and what should the Thrashers do to help it?
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