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Living in Nova Scotia

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For anyone who cares. I'm and huge Montreal fan and I live out on the far eastern side of Canada. For some history look up Nova Scotia Voyageurs or Halifax Citadels. That is all besides the point as now all we have is a QMJHL team, the Mooseheads (Did not do too well this year). So I bought center ice so I can watch all the Habs games (In English) . This would be amazing if it wasn't for the fact we get the visitor feed. My biggest pet peeve about hockey is the bias announcers. I know its hard to resist, and I love all fans of the game, but when announcing games for all to hear the comments get a little aggravating. For instance watching the Thrashers, Habs game last night. You might have seen the play where Komisarek for Montreal pushed an Atlanta player towards Carey price, and I admit it was stupid. The thing they ignore was when he wrapped his arm around Prices head to drag him down too. Why must the announcers question every call when it doesn't benefit them. Also the fact that their players can do no wrong. A give away is a great play by the opposition and a deflected pass that somehow makes to another player is considered a great play. I have resorted to watching the game on mute and getting the internet feed from the English radio station from Montreal sometimes. After all is said and done, I actually gained respect for Pierre Maguire from TSN, because he tells it how it is not how he wants it to be.
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