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I know most of us Sabre fans are upset with the possibilities of losing both Drury and Briere, but I think we will see something happen on the Briere front before Friday.

As for the draft and Drury, this is what I'd like to see if it becomes clear the Drury is not coming back (this probably won't happen, but it's fun to speculate).

1) Trade Kalinin and a forward (Kotalik/MacArthur?) to Edmonton for their 2nd 1st round pick (#15 overall).
---> This opens just about enough salary to pay Vanek. Also, I think MacArthur is going to be a good player... but if there is a prospect that falls into the category of easiest to move, its probably MacArthur.

2) Trade Drury to San Jose for the rights to Craig Rivet and Ryane Clowe
---> Rivet, while not the most mobile D-man, is a solid, experienced D-man to be on the 2nd pairing with Soupy or Spacek, can play the PP and is solid. Clowe would add some toughness and grit to the 3rd line.

3) Trade the forward you don't trade to Edmonton, the #15 pick (obtained from Edmonton) to LA for the #4 pick to select the best D-man on the board. (We don't have enough to get Kane, unless you deal Max and a D-prospect (Funk or Card) to Chicago, and that probably is not enough)

Again, this is what I'd TRY to do.

This a potential line-up for the home and home opening Series with Ottawa (this would be Fun, raising Banner vs. each other and causing even more hatred between these 2 teams).

Ex: P. Kaleta (or a Rochester player)

yes, no Peters...

Rivet/Spacek (or Soupy)
Paetsch/Soupy (or Spacek)
Ex: {M.Lethonen} -- UFA / Numminen (if less than 1.2 Million)


This gets a 1st round pick, an experienced D-man and some grit upfront and unloads Kalinin and maybe Kotalik.

Thoughts? (Besides to lay off what i'm smoking)
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