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With 55 days until the one of the biggest drafts in Islanders history, the Islanders were helped out by the Pittsburgh Penguins and Anaheim Ducks this week. Last Saturday the Penguins ended the Flyers season guaranteeing the Islanders a third round pick. And Anaheim’s victory on Monday over the San Jose Sharks guaranteed them the Sharks 26th pick in the draft. So while Garth Snow has stockpiled more draft picks than a squirrel stockpiles nuts, the real question is what will he do with all of them? The first pick should undoubtedly go towards drafting hockey sensation John Tavares. The Islanders need a face to help promote the organization and even though Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene are both outstanding players themselves Tavares offers advantages on and off the ice that Hedman and Duchene cant match. The stardom and hype that has followed Tavares since he was 14 years old and the anticipated first round pick. Although he is no Crosby or Oveckin he is anticipated to be a franchise player and the just the face the Islanders need as they begin to slowly build their way back to being a consistent playoff contender. He also offers more leverage toward the Lighthouse project keeping the Islanders on Long Island. With an improved product on the ice it will force local officials to consider the effect of moving the only Major pro sports team on the island. And most importantly for management it helps sell merchandise and tickets. With an upcoming star on the team it will draw more fans and sell more merchandise(especially Tavares jerseys) increasing the teams profitability. Anything other than Tavares in the draft would be a bust and would face harsh criticism if Garth Snow’s pick was a flop. But some fans have expressed their optimism on message boards and other blogs about trading for Tampa’s 2nd pick giving them the ability to draft Tavares and Hedman. Although this would be an ideal situation if Snow could pull it off, it would have to come at a very high price possibly giving up an up and coming player on the roster or the Islanders 1st pick in next years draft. With that being said if Snow can somehow make that happen it would raise the franchises stock and make Garth Snow look like a season general manager(like ambitious gm Brian Burke lol). So with 55 days and counting untill draft day we are forced to anxiously wait and see what happens, whether our old friend Brian Burke successfully trades up(which is highly unlikely) or the Isles decide to look at someone else we just have to wait and see.

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