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Just a couple thoughts.

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1. Dustin Boyd:
He's shown he can score, 11G and 11A in a limited 4th line grinder role, Can he play top 6?

2. The Flames D:
Seeing as it is very much stacked...
Can we afford to trade away Cory Sarich and his big contract? I mean I love the guy, but shedding salary, and maybe picking up a top 6 forward.

3 Lack of offense?

As of all the players on the roster that's how I see the offense lining up. Sutter has said that the veterans have to make the guys around them better, so maybe this is Backlund, Boyd, Moss, and GlenX chance to play in top 6 roles.

Those are just the things nagging me right now with the Calgary Flames.

-Sunny K.
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