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"That Idiot Avery"

Posted 3:48 PM ET | Comments 0
I'm sure you all heard this during yesterday's Rangers vs Capitals game on NBC, when Mike Millbury came out and called Sean Avery an idiot, then the announcers had a good chuckle about it.

So let me get this straight. It's cool for Millbury to call Avery an idiot on a channel 4, NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAME but if Avery says "sloppy seconds" in Canada, it's a suspension and anger management. And of course they don't talk about Ovechkin and how he leaves his feet when he hits. Noooo, of course not, not the great Ovechkin! And nothing more was said about that cheapshot by Brashear, that actually seriously hurt Blair Betts. Meanwhile, Avery's never seriously hurt a player. Sure he's had his fair share of stupid penalties, but who hasn't?

If the NHL is trying to build an audience, you gotta have some fair announcers when you broadcast on national TV. The announcers' favoritism of the Caps yesterday was just so obvious it wasn't even funny. There isn't enough praise in the world for them. Meanwhile, Pierre Maguire is calling out Rangers' players left and right, saying how bad they were.

There's gotta be a level of professionalism. It might be just me, and please tell me if it is, but I just think it's extremely unprofessional to call a player an idiot on a nationally televised game. You just can't do that. I just want to know how Millbury gets away with that. And as if Avery hasn't had enough trouble with the media lately.
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