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"Oh Slap Me Silly Sid!"
Pittsburgh, PA • 27 Years Old • Male
The SRU Campus is about 50 miles North of Pittsburgh, but we are Black and Gold to the core up here. Last semester was my first at SRU and I was amazed to see how far Steeler Country's boundries extended. Every week my fellow students came out with a strong showing of Steeler's gear. Ocassionally I'd spy a Penguins hat or something, but for the most part the black and gold centered around football. However, I did overhear a number of conversations about the Penguins. As I walked around to my classes, I would eavesdrop on comments like "Crosby really needs to start shooting more" and "Jordan Staal is incredible." So I knew the hockey fans were out there, they just weren't as visable as the football fans.

The spring semester has been a different story. Steeler season is over and the general attention of the Pittsburgh-sports-fan (the fan who cheers for all Pittsburgh teams) has been slowly turning to the Penguins. The real die-hard Penguins fans are all coming out of the woodwork now too. In one of my classes I'm flanked by two very knowledgeable Penguins fans and we've had some great discussions so far. Yesterday in another class we broke into groups to work on a project and this one kid and I pretty much spent the whole time talking hockey. It was great, and the best part is if it wasn't for the Penguins I probably wouldn't have had enough in common with him to hold a conversation. I get the feeling as things heat up with the Senators, there's going to bed alot of die-hard fans going nuts on campus and a lot of people who have never watched hockey watching it.

The angle I'm going to take in this blog will be documenting NHL fandom on a college campus. The Penguins of course will be the home team. LETS GO PENS!
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April 18, 2007 12:53 AM ET | Delete
WOOO! Slippery Rock University getting the Black and Gold spirit! Nice to see. When I went to school there me and a small handful of people were about the only ones you would ever see on campus with Pens apparel on. I'm heading back to SRU in the fall so you guys will have one more Pens fan to add to the campus!
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