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"New Jersey Devils Fan For LIFE"
If you asked any hockey fan who was going to win the Stanley Cup in February there was only 1 answer: The New Jersey Devils. It was a shock to everyone that the Rock fell silent as Eric Staal capped game 7 and carried his team to the second round and the Devils made an early exit. Thankfully that is all over. 5 thing the Devils need to do:

1. Release Madden and Gionta
Madden was a defensive power house in the "old" NHL. This "new" era doesn't need an over payed forward who can't produce. We all saw in the playoffs even at home with Madden's line paired up against Carolina's 1st line that it was unsuccessful. Madden will do better say in Chicago and the devils can have some leverage on the cap. As for Gio, he has produced but no as much as we were all hoping for. With the departure of Gomez he is not the same player. Let him walk or trade his rights for someone who can score consistently.

2. Sign Alex Tanguay
Wow. What a star player. Easily a 40 goal scorer. Exactly what the Devils need. A big name who can score and can play PP with Parise and Elias. Lou has the cap room and it is very possible we will see Tanguay signed to a 3+ year contract.

3. Trade Colin White
If yoou look at all the successful teams (ex. Pittsburgh) they have a scoring d-man. Paul Martin and Johnny Oduya just aren't getting the scoring done. The Devils need a big player who can hit,score,and play solid D. Colin White is over payed and overrated. A name that fits the spot perfectly is Dion Phanuef. Calgary is going through some changes and White would fit in. Say trade White+Gio/Madden for Dion.

4. Secure Brent Sutter
We need him. He is a great coach and fits the Devils system. It doesn't matter what it takes. Keep Brent in NJ.

5. Trade Zubrus
Zubrus is a good player with good hands but doesn't belong in NJ. He can't finish. He can't just score. Trade him for a 3rd liner with a draft pick thrown in and call up some rookies to take up some empty room. (Bergfors...Vasyunov)
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