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approximately 2 days from now we'll know who the Leafs drafted with their first round selection. I have all the faith in Burkie (hence my Burke leafs jersey I purchased before he was announced as GM/President) but I do think he has a very tough task to complete in Montreal.

For Starters with all the media attention he has received over his stay up until now I can surely see it back firing on the mastermind come draft night on Friday. Its abundantly clear that if he's fishing for Tavares (Spezza clone = two thumbs down) he's going to be forced to dangle the cornerstone of the Leafs franchise right now and yes I'm referring to Luke Schenn. The argument can be made that Tavares and Schenn are two different kinds of players. Fine. What I don't believe in is trading a young asset for another young asset. Instead I think shying away from the top 3 prospects is in the best interest for the Leafs going forward for a couple of reasons.

A) At the number 7 slot you are assured a top flight prospect with tremendous upside no matter who you pick. For the record I'm a huge supporter of MPS and I think he would look great in a Leafs uniform.

B) You will portray a solid philosophy to your supporters that you are committed to building a winner the right way and not the quick and fraudulent way. The pillers are almost in place. If Burke is able to Land the "Monster" in goal our goaltending is set. We already have the makings of a good defensive corp led by Luke Schenn and if we are able to land MPS we have another pillar upfront. We need to show a consistent growth pattern a la the Chicago Blackhawks. Winning right now should be the last thing on Burke's mind. I know he's been public about winning and all that jazz but its a front we all know it.

With Ron Wilson leading the arms into battle with his sure sighted tactics and light hearted rhetoric when he speaks to the media I can firmly say as a long time supporter of the blue and white that he'll make amends for past failure within this organization. If i remember correctly at Burke's introductory presser he used words that describe strength, longevity and perseverance thats what we have to look forward to as Leafs supporters. So take this advice and please throw out the mediocrity that has surrounded the Leafs for decades and please look forward to a bright future full of excitement and fulfillment.

For those of you who live in and around the ACC (I think they should bring back Maple Leaf Gardens as the name of our building) you will notice the work being done in an effort to transform the front of the building. The front entrance is being re modeled to become more accessible with a grand foyer and easy open concept design. Also there are two massive condo's springing up at a torrent pace which will carry the name "Maple Leafs Square" I know a huge screen is in the works to be installed for spectators to watch their team in action directly outside of the building. All of this is in an effort to not only change the cultural aspect of the Leafs but its also a kind gesture extended to the fans, who tirelessly defend our squad.

On a different note, this morning I had the pleasure of listening to the Fan590's interview of Wendel Clark and Brett Hull. It amazes me to no end how nice these guys are. The kind words they have to share with everyone are heart warming and it only makes me proud of being a hockey player. Both of these guys spoke eloquently about their careers and gave insight into the draft and hall of fame inductions of which Brett Hull received. They both gave great insight into what it takes to become a pro hockey player and the never ending mental strength you must have to succeed. Hull spoke about the burden of expectation and how everyone scrutinized him when he was coming up as a teen in hockey. He shed some light on why his personality is the way it is and he gave all the credit to his mom and grandmother for their seemingly happy go lucky never take anything to heart mentality which has surfaced in Brett his whole life. Between Clark and Hull I think you have the makings of two great human beings who exude the essence of what a hockey player is. I thought I'd mention this because it really made me happy to know although I never played anywhere near pro hockey I can still take comfort in knowing that I have the same attributes they do.

Well there you have it, I hope to be around here for a long while because if its one thing I know and love its the great old hockey game..

Ladies & Gentleman welcome to the "new" Leafs Nation!

Ps - this is my first blog entry, please comment in a respectful manner. Show Eklund some gratitude by respecting his website.

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June 24, 2009 2:21 PM ET | Delete
I dont like the leafs..
June 24, 2009 2:37 PM ET | Delete
I want Burke on my team...badly
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