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"Ducks fly together"
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A Weekend to Forget

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This weekend I cant count how many fictional articles I wrote in my head. How the ducks and kings would clinch playoff spots for the first time in history. how the stars where the only team in the pacific to not make the playoffs. while all this still may happen.. we are going to have to wait.

Saturday saw the Kings face the Stars while the Ducks were in San Jose, I also went to the LA Galaxy game that night but who really cares about soccer in America?

The Kings came up with a huge home win against the much hated Stars. Do stars fans really like steve ott on their team? no talent goon who dives like greg louganis (or luongo. take your pick.) Huge fan of Jamie Benn though, hope he gets traded to a team I can cheer for. Both King goals we're off of stars players, but those are the bounces playoff teams seem to get.

Ducks werent so lucky in hp. In typical Ducks fashion they went up 2-0 and let the sharks come back. I dont think the Ducks can ever hold onto a lead. coaching problem or player problem? who knows. That jason blake call with 5min left was an absolute disaster. How you call that in a tie game with 2 players josseling in front of the net. let the layers play. i try to never blame the refs but this is a classic case of one guy whos choice affected the outcome of the entire game.

the sharks have gone 25-4-4 since january. insane. But let the post season start and they will falter again. Give them the Ducks in the first round and get ready...

Last night was a tough one to swallow. The Ducks final game against the stars. With the ducks posting a 4-1 record this season it would seem they have finally figured out the stars who eliminated them in the 09 playoffs. Yet as every game for the ducks goes; this wouldnt be easy. 2-2 after the first. Ducks down 4-3 after 2 and ready for yet another comeback.

and that comeback again happened at 2:04 of the 3rd with a beauch shot from the point...o wait it didnt. incidental contact with koivu and lehtonens foot. those are the rules and the call was a strict but correct one. luckily enough it wasnt a penalty.

that comeback again finally happened in pure dramatic fashion at 49 seconds left from who else but corry perry to bobby ry. o wait... seriously? again? are you trying to kill the older patrons at the honda center? the same ref, brad meier, waves the goal off saying it went from perrys hand to ryans stick. to decide a game on this play is ridiculous . the video replay clearly shows perry grab it, throw it to the ground, kick it with his skate (or someone elses stick but it changes direction) and the bobby flip it up and in. I dont think the refs are in on it. this isnt wrestlemania. they arent getting paid to pick the winner. but out of all the games i've seen over the years this one is tough to swallow.

3 huge games left for the ducks. sharks at home on wed then the epic double header against the kings this weekend.

Kings have phoenix at home on wed, and the double header. With 4 through 8 STILL unclinched this is going to be one great week of hockey.

check out both called off goals from the ducks stars last night. try not to punch any holes in the wall or computer screen.

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