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What is the next move?

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Hello All

Thinking of the Ottawa Senators off season so far as a whole, gives you a lot to think about.

Signing Gonchar solidifies the defence and adds probably the best power play defencemen into the fold at SB Place. I look forward to seeing the power play in action. I predict Spezza, Alfie, Kovo, Gonchar and Karlsson for PP1. Buying out Cheechoo is the right move by management. Yes they pay around 1 million for the buy out for the next two seasons, but did they really want to bury a disgruntled player in the minors. Plus buying him out gives him a chance to play somewhere else.For the first time in a long time the SENS have an incredibly deep farm team. Murray signing Keller, Wick, trading for Runblad, and more show that Murray is dedicated to putting the Sens in the right direction.

Thinking about needs as I ask you what is the next move. I have two thoughts. 1. I beleive they will sink or swim with both LeClaire, and Elliot, but I would still want to see a move if there is one, maybe a trade for Schnieder. 2. I had heard a rumour that the Sens are interested in Willie Mitchell. This would be huge, and put together a solid blue line. Imagine, Gonchar / Phillips, Mitchell / Kuba, Karlsson / Campolli, then you still have Carkner, Lee, Cowen etc waiting in the wings.

Just my two cents, GO SENS GO!
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