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Women's Hockey is Crap.

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Yeah that's right I said it, and let me say it again: Women's hockey is crap. It's the same deal every single damn year, Canada and USA in the finals and Canada wins. What the hell is exciting about that? They always win, there is no fun or suspense embedded in the games. I am Canadian, but I always cheer for the opposing teams because I despise Canada's women's hockey team and the coverage that they get. Every time they win a tournament or even a friggin' game, every media outlet makes them out to be heroes of the country for taking the gold. Who the hell cares? Hockey is meant to be played by men and boys, not girls and housewives. Ok, so they can play hockey: fine. But the amount of hype and television coverage that this stuff gets in Canada is disgusting. I mean I might enjoy it more if they were actually decent looking, but to put it bluntly, they are hideous. Sports is about competition, not complete and utter domination. The women's team should sit out a few years and let the other teams catch up. I mean IF I was a fan of the women's format, I really don't see how it could be exciting to watch your team beat the crap out of every team in the tournament every single frickin time. And yes, I will blame it on the players, they have no dignity and lack sportsmanship. What would it take for them to sit out a tournament? Let another team have a chance to win? That would show heart and determination to improve the sport. But of course you can't expect such a gentle maneuver from a bunch of tomboys.
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