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Well, to the one person that will read this post, take it for what it's worth (not much). There has been allot of talk about what the Lightning roster will look like next season so for giggles I thought, like everyone else to put forth my 2 cents. These are the guys i believe we should retain in order to continue to compete.

Steve Stamkos - This signing is as easy (and hard) as it gets. you resign him for 7 million (ish). What this kid has done is amazing, but even he knows that you are only good as the team around you.

Teddy Purcell - Well this guy was the steal of the century. The skills he showed in the AHL have finally translated to the NHL. That being said, his line mates are infinitely better then they were in L.A. 3 years @ 3.5 million.

Sean Bergenhiem - He's a good winger. He has speed and strength, but don't think for a second that he's ANYWHERE near Malone's level. he earned 750k last season so 1.75m for 2 or 3 years sounds pretty fair. He could try going somewhere else, but I think that would backfire on him.

Blair Jones - Has courage, strength and little fear. However he still needs to work on his skating strength. Qualify him for about 750k.

Adam Hall - The other half of the PK, forechecking, face-off line (with Nate Thompson) should be retained. 1m for a couple of years until such time as he ask's for to much.

Eric Brewer - What to say in this case.... Thank you St. Louis for giving up on a stabilizing dman? This guy has fixed our defensive woes and MUST be kept. A veteran leader and a rock on our back end. 7 years at 23.5m which pay 4.5 for the first 2, 4 the second 2, then 3, 2, 1.5 in the final 3. that puts him into retirement range. This contract should suit both the Lightning (cap hit 3.358m) and Brewer (good pay and finishes career with this team).

Mike Lundin - The only time you hear his name is if he makes a mistake. What he does isn't flashy and won't be in the major headlines, but he plays great shutdown hockey. he is usually paired against the other teams top lines. 1.25 for 3 or 4 years would work and that is 500k raise (if he wants more then it will be Smaby).

Dwayne Roloson - Yes, he took us to the ECF's. Yes he stabilized a glaring hole on our team. Yes he's a great veteran leader. However he is also 42 and won't be able to play like that forever so you give him 2 years, 2m next season and 1.5 after that with a cap hit of 1.75. Our goal for him is to continue to hold down the fort as he Mentors our next (younger) no.1. Which brings me too....

Cedrick Desjardins - This guy has talent, he is quick, aggressive and hungry to prove himself. However he also looks shaky in net and a little nervous, so we bring in Rollie to calm him down and show him how to steady himself. 2 years 750k (that way when Roloson's contract expires we can transfer the money to Desjardins.

Now comes the "Cut List". These are the guys that need to go.

Simon Gagne - This guy is made of glass and I pretty sure Mr. Yzerman doesn't want to have 3.5 to 4m sitting in the press box for 35 games a season.

Mike Smith - Yes he played well after his return from demotion, but have you forgotten the last 2 and a half years of consistent inconsistancy? Hello, paging Lightning fans! Hit the brick Smitty, I hear the Coyotes need a goalie.

Randy Jones - We have our defensive corps filled with his type. Not much for points, but good at defending. Lundin is much more affordable then him.

Matt Smaby - This guy has had GREAT patience with what has happened over the past few years. He has shuttled between TBay and Norfolk so much that we could blindfold him and he could drive the whole way without looking. That being said, like above, we have our defensemen that are stable. We don't need another big guy with NO hands.

So, having said all that, this is what I see as our Roster next season (I am basing this off the lines that they rolled with last season):

Downie-1.85 Stamkos-7 St. Louis-5.65
Malone-4.5 Lecavalier-7.728 Purcell-3.5
Bergenhiem-1.75 Moore-1.1 Jones-.75
Tyrell-.845 Thompson-.9 Hall-1

Ohlund-3.607 Brewer-3.358
Kubina-3.85 Hedman-3.5
Clark-1.5 Lundin-1.25

Roloson-1.75 Desjardins-.75

That is a total cap hit of 57,591,000 million. So if they are saying the cap could be pushed to as much as 64 million (I don't think they have too the cap) that would give them an excess of 6,409,000. We could go two ways. 1) find a good PMD, or 2) pull Mark Barberio from Norfolk. As I said, take this for what it's worth. This is just on lunatics hope for his team. Cheers!
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December 15, 2015 9:05 PM ET | Delete
Big change from a few years ago. 2 Players remain. Crazy to think only one could remain. Think Malone ever makes a return?
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