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Fly'n Phil Goalie nightmare Kessel, what are the Bruins going to do without you? Move on!!!
It seems unfair that with Kessel hanging in limbo there are other players that could be moved to make room for him under the cap. In making these moves it could disprupt the togetherness of the team. Especially if PC has to move more than one of his rostered players. Granted, Kessel is awesome and I do not want any one to misunderstand what it is that I am trying to say, but he can be replaced. In the short term maybe it would hurt only because he has scored some timely goals for the mighty B's, but Sturm is coming back and with the siging of Morris in the back end I truly believe that what Kessel scored could be absorbed, also Ryder is getting better and at the end of the season and in the playoffs we saw a Bergeron of old. If he is able to keep this up then Kessel, yes he will be missed, will not be a necessity. Do not forget that there are the younger players trying to crack the lineup as well. So, if the training camp resembles anything like that of the past ones then there will surely be another surprise in the mix.
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