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Olympic Fever

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I realize its only August and the Olympics are still 6 months away, but after watching the Red/White Canada scrimmage last night I have to admit I am very excited about the upcoming season.

A few takes on the scrimmage itself - please be aware I watched it over the internet, so the quality wasnt the greatest and the screen size was small and with no play-by-play it was hard to follow the action at times:

- Carter-Richards combo looked really good. I saw them creating a lot of chances and it was good to see Carts come up with a goal and SO goal. Not too sure if he'll make the team, but he does play great wearing the Hockey Canada sweater

- The goalies were amazing throughout the contest. Many great and difficult saves. Except for Mason's meltdown during the shootout, all five goalies looked solid.

- Marleau got a gift goal, but given his recet playoff failures and stripping of the captaincy in San Jose, Im sure he will take it. On the first goal of the game, I couldnt tell who made that horrible drop pass at the blue line that ended up on Smyths stick for the goal. Was it Marleau? If so, Im sure that goal he scored felt even better!

- The Calgary crowd was unbelievably loud.... and it was only a practice! Personally, I cannot wait to be in Vancouver (yes, I luckily have tickets) and watch the games. Im sure the atmosphere will be electric and amazing.

This season promises to be an exciting one as teams jockey for the playoffs and ultimately the Stanley Cup, but it will also be interesting to see how individual players perform as they try to earn a spot on the Olympic team. How will things play out? Will players pick up where they left off last year (i.e. Crosby, Getzlaf), will players start to squeeze their sticks into sawdust (i.e. Thornton and Marleau), or will injuries rear its ugly head (i.e. Morrow)??? Wish I knew the answers, but it will be fun to see how things progress

Thanks for reading my first ever blog!

Appreciate any feedback and/or discussion...
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