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Well another hockey season is upon us and all the hopes and dreams of any fan of any team are all equal. Having said that I am one of them but I do see some teams tanking it big time with the changes they made and other teams making big gains.

The following are the teams about to fall into the bottom of the Eastern conference;

1. Montreal who was a Cinderella story last year will be too small too weak with sketchy goaltending.

2. Florida is aging and will just blow in the wind,

3. Ottawa who has a lot of missing pieces will fail miserably.

4. NYI have a lot of week pieces despite having a superstar they have snowball's chance.

5. Tampa with all their pieces will just be out of it I can't see them being the shut down team that a few people are asserting

6. The Rangers are in a state of flux and they will do squat as the inconsistency will be their demise.

7. Carolina with all that they have will be out of it again

8. Boston will have a lot of issues with cap room and the want to rid themselves of Savard's contract may have created a poison on the dressing room add to that a goaltending catastrophe.

--------------------------the following are going to be the opposite

9. Atlanta will squeak in by a hair but they have added some needed depth.

10. Philadelphia will once again be on the bubble and age will be a concern.

11. Buffalo but with the grace of Goaltending will they go.

12. Toronto will have a learning curve but they will be the best improved team of the eastern confernce.

13. New Jersey will have a challenge this year with a Brodeur that is in his decline being a little more steep than in previous year.

14. Pittsburgh will have a huge rebound this year.

15. Washington will be another team that will stay at the top

But goaltending and defense will define the Eastern conference.
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