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"The Future is now!"
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With more than 10 million in cap space will the Leafs do a mega offer to Stamkos in excess of 10 million?

Burke did say he has no problem with term if the player is young. So look for 10 years at 10 million per year something TBay has no hope to match.

They were paying 6 million for Giguere alone now he's gone and the Leafs desperately need a prolific goal scorer and playmaker. I say if he's still available on July 1st the Leafs bite the bait.

Then who cares if they will have to give up 2 firsts and a second as they could trade some of their excess pieces to acquire a first and second in the next couple of years.

People called me crazy in the past on a number of asertions but I called Kabby to Boston, Giggy to TO, Loepel to TO well before it ever happened but I thought Carter was TO bound given Holmgrens relationship with Burke but maybe being in the same conference played into that .

The next 2 weeks will be crazy!
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